Post your 8values niggers

post your 8values niggers

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Do you believe opposites attract user? uwu

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can't be bothered


maybe user :D

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definitely,as long as we're not fags

Why do you fucking retards answer 70 questions for this shit?

This fucking shit is so jewish as if tradition somehow implies a roadblock to progress or authority implies there is no liberty.

Who would do this kiked shit


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Would you mind having a NS friend?

I have a friend who is far-right, but not NS.

Technically ,I'm not NS,I'm a proponent of the Burgundian System

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You're all filthy extremists

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says the boring centrist. get a life

Rise up comrades!

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OP is a capitalist fascist but okay comrade

people with that result should be shot immediatly. it wouldn't change anything. but it would be fun

kinda feel like a retard but I know I am right

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I really don't like people like you.

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Because you're a faggot

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wow, that is a shit test. i'm pretty sure cosmo would do better.
these are very broad statements that actually mean nothing without context.


Center as always

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actually I am a heterosexual white male with no hidden gay ambitions. (unlike many 'fascists')

You're on Sup Forums, it's literally the spawning ground for these incels

communism will rise.

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Teach me

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Then you are lost

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She looks like a little girl version of ben shapiro

this site is 18+

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Fuck up, faggot.

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No Sup Forums is 18+ zoomers can still use other boards like Sup Forums or /fit/

How the world should be

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that is actually disgusting user

this IS b/
Imagine being so dull as to use facebook. Your generation is retarded. Have you ever heard of emails??? EMAILS

>ok boomer
>posts what zoomers consider boomers
ok retard

imagine thinking people on Sup Forums have facebook

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This is now officially an OK BOOMER thread

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I was just hitting neutral the whole time

Than what do you have? Twatter? Are you watching some pretty twats?K

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No values it port-less.

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suck my nazi cock

I have nothing.

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Rise and burn like a shitty souffle.

you get almost the same result if you hit the whole time strongly agree or disagree. this tests sucks

That is....highly respectable

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>ok boomer
>posts an actual boomer

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Taxation is theft.

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Tax funded blow jobs for all!

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Needs more tradition and authority, user.


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that is not what a centrist is. but what did I expect.. A centrist can have convictions/beliefs, it just means that it wont be solely from a right or left standpoint at all times.

I think you're looking at the ok boomer trend all wrong. It's steeped in nihilism with a spoon full of dismissiveness, and the only people it pisses off, is people on Sup Forums. They may call it cringe, wrong, stupid, ect but in the end you know their comments come from a place of anger, and isn't that the point of Sup Forums?

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It’s okay

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your centrist position is not a personality trait, get a real life and pick a side scumbag

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if you're anything other than an absolute literal anarchist you're a bag of shit

Politiscales is better and they give you a flag

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How about no. How about I pick a side for each problem I encounter instead of one for all. Hammerswinging faggot

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I'm a centrist because I want open borders so I have the ability to kill more migrants easily.

to bad I dont care, even if I knew what Boomer means..

I find all of this utterly lame to be honest...the anglosphere has barely gotten acquainted with this concept and it's a bit frustrating to see those fags making memes while thinking that they're smart because they've read one of nietzsche's books. Life is not about nihilism,consumerism or shit like could be but don't want that. Most people should simply get married,have children etc.
Leave fanaticism,depression,hate etc. to others.

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That's what everyone does retard, just so happens most of the issues you side with fall on one side, don't pretend you're a centrist or moderate, you aren't, you're just trying to be a contrarian.


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stop killing people and rush up the fusion power tech tree. Lets get off this goddamn planet

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