Why are you not smoking weed? If you are wasting your time on Sup Forums you should at the very least be smoking weed

Why are you not smoking weed? If you are wasting your time on Sup Forums you should at the very least be smoking weed.

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I'm doing both.

Bc i don't know where to buy it

I would but I'm out atm. Bout to score a zone for 200. Good price?

Go downtown at weekend nights and look for a group of annoying partying people

Tf is a zone

Weed is for children. I am a man looking to get wrecked. Riggity. Riggity, WRECKED.

because I only have $24 in my bank account and weed is like $50 for an eighth in the dispos

that's a normal price for regular weed

Because I ran out 2 weeks ago and don't have any cash till Friday.
Contemplating not actually getting any, because for once I feel normal and I'm actually kinda liking it.

Just woke up, i have some fire mimosa waiting outside

Im not familiar with that keyword either but i have enough brain matter to realize its an oz

Don’t judge me I figured it out after I posted. And at least I’m not dumb to enough to pay $200 for an ounce.

i work in amsterdam so i just pick up a preroll after work

You stole that joke from Katt Williams,except his was if you don't have a job and you're not smoking weed idk what you're doing with your life.

To answer the question it gives me horrific anxiety, and "you get used to that after a week", is not a good answer. I do not need an illegal, expensive hobby that will cost me "a week" or so of crippling anxiety to "get into fully".

Just enjoy your fucking weed, and I'll enjoy my vidya.

must be some shitty weed then, dumbass

Same, Oregon here. I stop st the dispensary on the way home and get a fat 2.5 gram blunt that burns perfectly every time. Legal weed is fucking great.

you been smoking too much weed mang

Lmao no. I could go to a dispensary and get an ounce for a 100 and know it’s better than the garbage from your dealer’s backyard.

because im on parole

top shelf weed from legit dispensaries is a much higher quality & will run you $200+ for an ounce

There’s no way he’s in a legal state paying that much, if he is then he’s going out of his way to find the most expensive dispensary in fucking town.

Lol out here in Canada I get my Oz for 120$ prime buds too.

It's expensive, smelly, and I might get drug screened for work
I have some but I've barely had the chance to smoke any of it

There is nothing I would like more than to smoke it all day and try psychedelics too, but I was really born to the wrong people and wrong value system and I don't know how to escape

Because i stopped smoking weed almost a year ago.

Best decision i made this year.

where yall at to be getting these prices for an ounce? im in LA and dispensary prices are stupid high over here even for shittier weed

If you pay 200+ for weed then you're getting scammed lol

Nope depends on location, in Ireland 3.5 grams coat 50 euro.
An ounce could cost between 300 to a max of 400 euro, no shitting these are actual prices here. Unless you grow, then it's free.

My bad, LA doesn’t count. Everything there is just more expensive. And it depends. I’m just a cheap cunt so I’ll totally just leave the dispensary and drive to a new one until I find a good deal. Also if you go the same one every day there’s a good chance you can get a regular customer discount. My friend gets 20% all products at a specific store because the staff all know him.

Sounds like your one of those people who blames your shorty life on weed , when in reality it's you that is the problem.
Weed blaming is a hate crime against a vulnerable plant that can't even defend itself.
Shame on you.

Shitty not shorty. Lmao

I’ve only heard potheads say this. If you have some discipline you can smoke weed once two or three times a week after work and never suffer any negative side effects. The problems only start when you smoke constantly.

I cant find it. Its been two months and Im starting to lose my shit. None of my family smoke bud, every "plug" I get is just a middle man who go through a main guy, I buy bud once, they get paranoid for no reason and don't sell to me anymore, last guy was on coke so yeah, I had to move away from all my friends for family reasons and none of them want to put in the time and gas to sell me an ounce, Im fucked. I used to be able to find roaches and shit on the ground but I haven't found anything in months. The cops are bad here and the people throwing roaches everywhere probably got arrested. Makes me want to die knowing all my old friends still smoke. They go at like "I only smoked 3 blunts today this is bullshit" while I crawl around like an animal on my carpet looking for crumbs to find nothing every time..Should I just kill myself?

No just buy heroin instead.

I agree with that guy. I stopped smoking weed and feel way more confident in myself. When i hang out with friends who are stoned its like talking to zombies, no offense. Now all thats left is porn. Now thats gonna be a tough one to beat.

Because I'm eating it, glorious brownies

Let's put it this way.

I smoked for 7 years almost every day, had dark circles around my eyes for years. Spend so much money on weed I could not save any money for other things. Did not feel like to do anything with friends/family anymore. Sure it's fun to do once in a while, but I'm very addiction sensitive so I stopped.

Almost a year later and these problems has gone away. I don't blame weed, I blame myself for smoking weed.

Seems like thats easier to find. Had a black dude drive up next to me trying to sell me some. I asked about bud and he seemed more sketched from that than he did selling a random dude heroin lmfao
Im cursed.

Life without weed and porn is a life not worth living. We are all slowly dying any way , we dont have enough time to be quitting all the best stuff. Yes weed can make you like a zombie, but people are better when they keep their mouths shut.

haha i've been there
it sucks being on the outside, collecting some roaches if you're lucky
every time I hear someone complain about pot smell from their roommate or neighbor or whatever, like I wish I had their problem

Nice to see someone take responsibility.
This user has grown.
We bless you.

Thank you!

It's all about how much you ingest, if you rip a giant bong or dab with 0 tolerance yeah it is gonna have a psychedelic/paranoia effect. Sucks to not live in a legal state/country, I'd recommend high cbd low thc strain.

I smoke for 10 years i have black circles around the eyes since i was 5 years old no idea what the fuck you talk about, weed is the cheepest thing you can buy for how long it last and i am 95% of the time happy(Mornings are hard but they always where ) you must be weaker than the average , i smoke 14 grams every weak

How much is 100 grams where u live?
3.5 ounces in freedom units

I used to find them everywhere now I moved down the road and its nothing but old people and sober families with children. Not a swisher wrapper, empty bag, or stem in sight. Its like hell. Instead of helping me my only friend I have left from my home town just rubs it in my face. Ill video chat with him and he'll just smoke a fat blunt or rip a bowl right in front me knowing I haven't gotten high in ages. Fucking asshole he is sometimes..

I'm good. if I'm looking to not get a job for a long time , I'll see

Everyone reacts different to weed, so don't act surprised.
I know for a fact that smoking pot daily causes dark circles around my eyes. And cheap? I smoked Haze that cost around 10-13€ a gram around here.

You smoke 14grams a week. That would cost around €670 a month over here. How would you consider that cheap?

Synthetic urine. I've used it 4 times for annual testing at a fortune 500 company. You will be fine. $40 worth of piss is totally worth being able to smoke.

Good for you. 8 years deep here, have tried a few times to quit. One time went three months, was doing decent, my social life drastically improved but one shitty day on my way home from work, I went to the dispensary, headshop, and boom back to stoner life without a second thought. I'll quit again someday because I did enjoy how much more I connected with people, but at the point I'm at in life right now, I'm blazing it and happy doing so. Like everything in life, pot has its pros and cons.

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Soo...he was behind that

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Smoked daily for 3 years starting in my last year of high school. 21 now and quit a few months ago because I'm applying to the CAF. I might pick it up again later on but for now I don't have any interest in smoking.

I started smoking when I was 2 dark circles under my eyes since I was born and you're a homosexual


People who smoke regularly are always passive agressive assholes

I know it's hard. I still feel the urge to smoke sometimes, there even is a coffeeshop in my street lol. But after 7 years I find it enough. I'm way more positive now and I'm finally saving money.

You can only stop an addiction if you are willing so. If you don't have problems with it, then just keep doing it if it makes you happy.

Oh yeah..How did I find a good plug without scaring them away, or something like that? I have no contact with the outside world really so maybe walking around and asking "you know where I can get some tree?"

Said friend always gloats about how he does that and has over 20 plugs. I tried it once and everyone ran away from me basically. I dont even look like a cop.

It legit makes me cloudy and I cant wake up the next day. I have a ton of fuckin responsibility and I have to be sharp every day.


You must have a high IQ

>still smoking your herb and not ingesting it in a more economical and less harmful way such as vaping and/or edibles

I live with my parents, and make 55grand a year... i dont have time to smoke weed


>cut down my own beautiful plant
>harvested almost 18 ounces mid tier weed
>make shit tone of green butter
>added already to almost every dish
>I'm a real Master Chef
>I love you Cannabutter


I'm not smokin weed because I'm at work at this moment and don't feel like getting fired for lighting up a blunt while I work

i'm high as fuck right now on some shatter.

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Because i moved to a new state and don't know anyone who can get it. Also dont have a car.


>>lives with parents
>>makes $55,000 a year
where is the logic in that?

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Because my dealers an addict cunt and won’t sell me any

3 months sober and i want to smoke but i kinda like not living in a fog. plus this is the first time in years i cound probaby pass a drug test

>be me
>haven't had a connection in 5 years
>new neighbor moves in
>her son is gonna run the grow operation in MO
>his son (25 yo) turns me on to some Cali weed he brought w/him
>smoke that shit & can't walk for 3 days
>son brings over some blueberry cush he finds here
>shows me pics that his dad grew in CO
Fucking 11 foot plants
buds as big as my forearms
>says dad will start giving him buds that don't meet standards

MFW - waiting....

No rent = more savings?

because the carts by me are laced and people getting fucked up and im not a monster so i dont combust

But I am, bob

i need sum im in willie from the simpsons land

In north dakota it $480 at the dispensary hahahahah

250-350 for black market in ND

Cannabis is a government conspiracy. It's making you stupid, complacent, and forgetful. Weed is Brave New World's soma, and serves no purpose other than to act as a control structure. Open your eyes! A country of potheads is a country that's easy to control, open to absurd conspiracy theories, and unable to hold itself to a standard of decency.

What does it look like I'm doing?

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>be me
>be 23
>everything is as it should be
>livin life
>by the knife
>buddy comes home to me
>says he's got 50 p
>i got that shit for free
>makin munn
>in the sun

weed is great man

$125 is the best price i've seen in colorado, but it's not superweed

Clean your gear, America.

smoking from a pipe like a bongless pleb

nice get

I agree, the pipe should at least have a carb to be effective and not waste weed.


Based lol based based based haha weed fam

>needing drugs to cope with life
cope harder faggot


He was trying to sell you fake stuff. It's harder to fake weed

I am going into the military. I had to give up weed.

If you ever plan on going into the military, you better never tell them you ever smoked. It'll get you insta-disqualified.

>Why are you not smoking weed?
i often do, but not right now because i'm off to work.
might smoke up after work, might not. just see how things go.

>wtf weed isnt the same price everywhere?
welcome to real life cunt.
here an oz will set you back around $400.

50 hrs into death stranding

your mom must be proud

LOL youre getting ripped off retard, i get a zip for 125 easy

You could order a pizza and hope that the delivery guy knows a guy. Tip well, obviously

I am. gonna lit up some juicy fruit. whats up fags