Would you breed an ebony woman?

Would you breed an ebony woman?

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Not one from American.


Oh yes

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MaseratiXXX might as well have been designed by science for breeding.

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>Those legs


Yes, have you seen her comeback since the baby?

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Love this ones aswell

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Goddamn. I would breed her until her ovaries could produce no more, then I would plow her as long as she still was hot as fuck (even into senior years).

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It makes sense. She knows she has a growing fanbase on Sup Forums now.

Only at gunpoint, and even then I might opt for a bullet.

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Judging by how consistently active these threads have become at all times and days, Ebony Breeding is a global fetish now.

Mm, or the fact that she looks like a goddess! The industry cant hold their hands of her

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I really hope she inspires more ebony beauties to at least pose nude.

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post link

Needs to be fed before she's bred (in my opinion). But that's just me.

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Uh yah

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No... they are pushy and dark dark skin is disgusting. If they were educated and mixed at least 50/50 I dont see why not. It's mostly black anti family culture that turns me off the most. They dont know any different because they were raised to be idiots on purpose.

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>Would you breed an ebony woman
What are you paying?

Ms yumy´s Onlyfans is free today.
I don´t have Onlyfans, so I don´t know what she is posting there but it may be worth a shot

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Posted this last night. Oc

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OC lightskin

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My fav breeding posture. Open and inviting, and emphasizing the abundance.

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So many ebony women are wasted in inner city blight. All these breeders should be impregnated by ivory cock in comfortable environments.

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Ask your daddy, Tenda... Ooops....

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Prime breeding stock. I'd put a big tattoo on that rump.

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Megan thee stallion exists

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Speaking of breeding stock, look at this rump.

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What a gay ass ugly name. Yeah I want to fuck a nigger bitch called stallion.

Perfection from the Bahamas...

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Free those tits!

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Same here, would fill with cum at least 3 times a day

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Trying to as we speak. Some wicked bikini shots though..

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That's one of my fav fantasies involving a black woman. Her staying hot all the way into her GILF years, allowing me to fuck her for decades on end.

Keep going

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>She's literally got a breeding body

Oh this lucky bastard.

Here you go porntrex.com/video/920842/hotandmean-maserati-and-carolina-sweets-pool-toy

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Damn, sause?

Post any ass pics you have

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Time to bring a breeding babe back to the suburbs. I'm breeding her right on the couch.

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I know

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I like the ankh thing, but in jewelry. Tats ruin everything :(

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She is Eva Da Beast. Pick is from here escort days in Houston.


I feel you I used to bang a black cougar she wasn’t thick but skinny but she aged pretty well had gone through menopause so I was breeding at least she’s 55 now

I don't mind tattoos, but I prefer their absence. Except for a single one in the middle of the right ass-cheek.

A stallion in black culture is a thick black girl

>55 year old hot black woman

I salute you. I have a serious fetish for hot seniors.

Empress sounds better.

This 42 yo I am banging these days

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Another reason I like older black women: in any harem fantasy, they're the harem alphas.

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Love the way black women will wear all kinds of sexy shit and not giva a fuck. This one will watch porn with me just to see the shit I like, then do it up better.

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Eager for their breeding.

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That is one of the hot things about black women. They don't get butthurt about a lot of things.

Was the same deal with this one back in the day. Practically let me fuck her right in front of here mother. wanted to see her daughter get it from a white dude

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Imagine banging a GILF, a MILF, and the daughter all at once. Multi-generation breeding.

Their families are so fucked up that if you apply yourself it could be done.

Would cum in the GILF wile MILF and daughter sucked on the GILF's big milk tits

I’ll see I can find some pics of her