Whats the best way to get rid of fruit flies? Theres hundreds of them on my kitchen cabinets

Whats the best way to get rid of fruit flies? Theres hundreds of them on my kitchen cabinets.

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get rides of fruits, and they will fly away.


You have fruit lying out in the open somewhere. Find it. Dispose of it.

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Clean up after yourself. This means used plates, used glassware, empty bottles, used mugs, and trash bags. You should also cover up your fruits. Put them in the fridge or something.

This worked for me this year:

1. Put some apple cider vinegar into a mason jar.
2. Put a small dab of dish soap in there too, then swirl it around to mix it up.
3. Cover with a piece of saran/plastic wrap (secure it to jar with a rubber band)
4. Poke holes in the plastic wrap with a toothpick. Big enough so the flies can get in, not so big that they can fly back out.

They'll be attracted to the smell, then get trapped because the dish soap should coat their wings. This caught like...hundreds of fucking flies at my apartment lol. Good luck.

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Let's be real. Buy a glue trap with a sweet scent - maybe 2.

Get some fruit fly traps (little cylinders that you fill with a yellow vinegary solution) or make your own with wine or apple cider vinegar (look it up). Also drano or plumbr the sinks, they like to breed in the pipes. Throw out or eat fruit before it goes rotten. Good luck

did that caught a couple of dozen. But still they swarm the kitchen. :(

0. Do your dishes - if you need this step you have no business asking for advice on anything.

1. Empty cupboards, cabinets and fridges. Clean then thoroughly and then put your stuff back.

2. Empty bowls of fruit and throw away anything fruit-like and clean whatever it was in and the bowls.

3. Take out trash and clean the area where you keep your trash bags - sometimes they breed i some trash run-off under the trash rescepticle thing.

4. Clean your stove.

5. Whenever you see fruit fly - kill it. Even if it takes you a minute or two to make sure you get it.

If your fruit fly problem still persists three days later:

1. Throw out any dead plants together with their dirt - sometimes fruit flies breed in rotting soil in planters.

2. Look for dropped food behind sofas etc and get rid of whatever you find.

If your problem still persists three days later, call exterminators and hope your house isn't cursed by sone vengeful fruit fly spirit or some shit.

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Yes I noticed they like that spot. Will buy drano.

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They will vanish as soon as the food does. You filthy fuck.

Easiet home remedy, put apple vinger in a mason jar with a drop of dish soap, bleach and close your drains for a couple of days

Vinegar/sugar in a bowl. Clean your place spotless, and for a few weeks focus on keeping your trash can covered/empty. They can only live from your own filth ya know?

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This. Works every time for me, and kinda satisfying to see hundreds of fruit fly corpses floating in it. Revenge is sweet.

It kind of looks like you answered your own question with your own pic OP
Avoid your curtains.
Pic rel8ed

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Fruit flies cannot survive without a food source in the open.

Find the damn food.

Chances are they aren't fruit flies, but drain flies. The only way really to get rid of them is to make sure everything is very clean and very dry and that they have no wet spots to lay their eggs. I would suggest setting up a circular fan in the area to dry the area out and treating the drain regularly a couple times a day with chemical Solutions as well as dumping a gallon of BOILING water down the drain in the morning and a gallon of BOILING water down the drain in the evening.

Watch an entertaining video by this guy. youtube.com/watch?v=GbSjj-amZ-0

But yeah apple cider vinegar in a bowl near where they are works.

Their life span is extremaly short.

get fly paper. they're a pain in the ass but they live less than a week.

Mix vinegar, juice and soap and leave it on the counter. Clean up and dont leave food or they'll hatch and come back.

Sticky tape.

But first, clean up

Find out where they come in, probably near the trash. Many are small enough to get in through the holes in the screens on windows.
Once you find out, hang the sticky tape on that spot. Or just hang it over the trash.

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This works perfectly for me too, except I use a smaller glass bowl. Put it by the sinks for max effect.

Main thing is to get rid of where they are coming from. Our house had hundreds and we couldn't figure out where they were coming from. We eventually found a rotting onion that had fallen on the floor of the pantry. Once that was gone so were the flies.

Another thing that was effective was I designed and 3d printed a cone that fit on the vacuum cleaner that spread the suction across the entire 8 inches of width. It was fun waving the vacuum tube around and watching them disappear.

find the source and get rid of it, put up traps made of vinegar and soap.
If it's your drains in kitchen and bathroom that are disgusting, pour chlorine and water mixed together into all of them.
After you pour chlorine into the drains, take some cooking oil and dunk that in there too, that will prevent the flies from coming up and the eggs will hatch and die in the drains.

Drains open cans or soda bottles, booze bottles etc. Are where they breed.

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This only traps and kills the flies, it doesn't prevent them from coming back.
Also the traps have to be switched out every few days or the flies stop giving a shit about them.
The soap in the vinegar breaks surface tension, so when they try to land and lay their eggs in the liquid they sink in and die.