"We wuz conquerors n society builders n sheeit" is just as faggoty as "We wuz kangz n sheeit"

"We wuz conquerors n society builders n sheeit" is just as faggoty as "We wuz kangz n sheeit".

You didn't conquer or build anything and your ancestors were illiterate shit farmers. White pride is faggotry. Take pride in your own shit or accept that you have nothing to take pride in.

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Thanks for your opinion, kike.

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Not a kike, just not a faggot nationalist.

Useful goyim, same difference

Let me know when your life has value.

The only thing that I haven't completely fucked up in my life is my skin color. I am angry at myself that I am a failure. I have made many poor choices and I am jealous of, and I resent those, who make productive use of their time and their lives. I blame others because if I hold myself accountable for my own poor choices then I cannot blame others and I cannot claim that I'm better than anyone else. I want to believe that I'm a better person than those who make good life choices and live full and rewarding lives.
Therefore I MUST lie to myself and believe that the good deeds of my own my race will outweigh the failure that my own life has become. I believe my race is better than all other races, but that's not the important thing. The important thing is that I AM part of that race. Even though I am a complete failure as a human being and have no true value, I am from a race that has some value.

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lol u mad

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let me know when your life has value :*

>You didn't conquer or build anything
That's what I aspire to do through self-improvement.
>your ancestors were illiterate shit farmers
Every nation needs ditch diggers. Every Aryan man can trace his lineage back to the noble Sarmatians and Scythians.
>Take pride in your own shit or accept that you have nothing to take pride in.
I can take pride in my heritage and nation and what we can achieve as a united force.

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but Europeans fully used the potential of all those things
not a single civilization that invented any of those made any use of them other than fleeting fads or toys

also, you forgot the distillery

because they were civilized.

Every great act that you take pride in from your heritage was accomplished by individual men or groups of individual men. They aren't your accomplishments or achievements, and they never will be.

>They aren't your accomplishments or achievements, and they never will be.
I have not claimed that they are.

>Taking credit for the achievements of my ancestors
So, when my son or daughter accomplish something, should I not be proud? Should I not tell people about their achievement?
Same thing, except in reverse. I'm proud & appreciate what our forefathers have done.
>Stop takingcredit for your ancestors achievements
>Foreigners invented everything
Pick one.
Riddle me this, if they were so advanced, how'd they get conquered by Europeans & are still the biggest shithole in the world despite other European countries who were victims of colonialism for longer yet are now 1st world countries, ie Ireland?

There's a clear difference between feeling pride for someone you personally know and holding the deeds of long-dead people as a source of personal pride, especially when the sole basis for that pride is that you may have some distantly shared ancestry with that person.

>most of europe's pre-1492 technology blah blah blah
>muh pre reniassance
Cope. The difference between peak 15th century tech and roman tech is basically nonexistant compared to everything that came after the renaissance. Technology was stagnant until 16th century europe. No one cares what happened in the late feudal era.

niggers are retarded

No, there's not.
In fact I'd go further than I already have.
So, let's examine this
Let's start with sport.
People feel tremendous pride in whatever team they support engaged in whatever sport & that's okay?
So, do you expect me to believe that people taking pride in the achievements of their sports team makes more sense than me taking pride in the achievements of people who (a) I'm genetically related (b) have shared history (c) have shared culture & (d) have shared future?

Anybody who derives their self worth from their ethnic origins is retarded.

ok nigger

It's especially retarded when it comes to sports. People want to be part of something and they have a favorite team, that's fine and I get it, but then you have these people who stake their entire identify on their team, and directly tie their sense of pride and shame to the achievements or failures of these random dudes, and that's completely retarded.

That doesn't answer my point, please read again

Tell you what, you seem to be struggling & missing my point.
Consider the combined people who are both ethno nationalists & sports fans as a number in terms of millions.
Now think of people who believe as you do in terms of numbers.
Which number do you imagine is larger?

I couldn't say, but tribalism seems to be the normie position. Doesn't mean it's logical or optimal.

That said, there's no shortage of those who think like me.

>We was kangz n shiet

Until we put you in chains.

Nothing invented matters. Who ruled where doesnt matter. Irrelevant. We went to your lands, traded you petty trinkets and you rounded each other up. We took your women, raped and beat them. Put your men to work and put them down when they couldnt. It is all entropic. All out of your control. It happened. It still happens. Every. Single. Black. Country. A SHITHOLE. White countries at the top. Even the zippers are ahead of you. Your people drink mud water after 10000 years.

>We fuggin ur whyte women nigguh

Thats it!? Thats your revenge? Putting your dick in some brainless blown out whore who isnt fit to wed and bear children anyways? This same woman who put millions of your brothers in jail because you nigged too hard and she cried rape? THATS YOUR REVENEGE!? For hundreds of years or rape, plundering, death, war, dehumanization THATS ALL YOU HAVE?

Youre beneath. You always have been. You always will be. You arent capable of getting up.

finally, a change in Sup Forums.. TODAY OP was not a faggot :)

Genetically related, shared history, shared culture, shared future isn't logical to you?
Either you don't know the meaning of the word or you're an aspie.

Listen, this is why an ethnostate is needed. There's no reconciliation possible between People like me & People like you, regardless if we're the same race or not.
We should have our own territory to be governed by principles we believe in & you should have yours to do & be as you wish.

AH so your a sperg or one of those youtube "celebrities" thats "total not a jewish shill" but spends all your time shilling for zionism.
Seems "legit".