Someone please make me your dogs bitch I will do anything

Someone please make me your dogs bitch I will do anything

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110 pound white boy

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This is now a zoo thread.
Getting knotted is heavenly

make me eat out of his bowl

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not bbc thread

I want to be filled with gallons of dog cum and walk around on all fours leaking around the house while he helps lick up the mess

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I've been filled with 3 loads from 3 dogs and if you get rutted right it won't leak out. I kept all that seed inside.

being leaky is more fun unless i can still feel it inside me

>ran out of pics that wont get me banned

won't get you banned, just gets the thread culled after a while

You absolutely do get banned for posting beast porn, and i'm not doing another 30 days for that.

t. someone who's been here for years

Naked animals are fine but any irl "porn" type pictures will get you banned.

2D is okay tho

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Fucking dogs is the lowest of the low. You bitches are so fat and ugly you literally have eliminated humans from your standards because they have dropped so fucking low only a dog would want to fuck you. Go lose some weight, fuck a guy, and MAKE FUN OF ALL FURRIES YOU SEE BECAUSE THEY DESERVE TO KNOW THAT THEIR BRAIN DOESNT WORK PROPERLY. FURRIES ARE FREAKS.

Knot my throat and maybe i'll suffocate.

You don't fuck dogs, that's rape.
However, when they fuck you..

However when they fuck you your still a goddamn dog fucking freak who should be stationed in a mental asylum. Honestly I don’t believe this but if it is real in the slightest hint, go get some fucking help you actual freak being.

Don't be offended people would rather fuck beautiful unconditional loving creatures than your gross fat ass.

Never in my life would I let a nasty dude fuck me. Dogs only.

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I'll make you eat his ass first

Oh trust me I’m taking no offense from some random freak on the internet, but literally if your so fucking twisted in the head to the point where your literally letting a dog fuck your blue waffle clit, do you really expect any human to want to fuck you back?? Lmfao I guess your just gonna have to live with fucking dogs till your old cause NOBODY is gonna wanna fuck your freak ass now :)

are we supposed to care? once you realize how amazing dog dicks and pussies are you immediately lose interest in having a human lover

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Yeah because no human wanted to fuck you in the first place so you literally had to resort to fucking dogs LMFAOOOOO how about lose some weight and go interact with a human lmao you might find someone you like that isn’t canine KEK

responding to this guy is asinine. clearly someone too young to be here.

While you're knotted I'll switch out butts for you to plant your nose in

You'll have to force me..

disc is Arc#8666 if anyones wondering

still 100~ pound white boy

still want to be made your doggies bitch..

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What about this instead?

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I would but you probably dont own a horse

I got a big ole Samoyed, that'll leave you limping boy.

I could mayby help?

I would love to feel him inside me.. I've taken a large rex before