Any Sup Forumsros have the forbidden photos?

Any Sup Forumsros have the forbidden photos?

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If you're talking about her murder photos, they're on literally every gore site in existence. Hell, they come up in Bing image search. Are you seriously this retarded?

no. because they are forbidden.

Yeah, as long as this cunts neck was, her boyfriend had a pretty easy target to swing the knife at. The photos he took after killing her were pretty pathetic compared to the head cutting Mexican cartels and Muslims do.

should we know this person?

The corpse pics her boyfriend took after killing her are on Bestgore, the ync, exposing death, motherless, liveleak & at least 20 other gore sites. The fuck you jabberin about?

>her boyfriend
it wasn't her boyfriend she used him to get to chads

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new fone hu dis?

It's the slut that got her head practically cut off by her boyfriend earlier this year
He posted the pics on 8 chan & Sup Forums. She was a regular on /soc/. She cheated on him and he went choppy choppy to her neck

wrong het got cucked so hard

This. The crime scene photos and the photos her boyfriend took after decapitating her are all over the place. You gotta be retarded if u can't find them. They come up on Bing, Yandex & Duckduckgo image searches

Here's one of them.

why should any of us care?

fOuNd ThE BoOmEr

all it took was 1 google OP, newfags ffs

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Dudes theres a shit to of nudes she posted on /soc/ and later to private clients. I think this is what OP is after..


>on the internet

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Yeesh, bummer

shut the fuck up faggot

I don’t know why people say he decapitated her. He didn’t get her head completely off. He must have got tired.

It takes Jihad strength to completely remove the head