What do you think?

what do you think?

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I'm thinking about cherries. It's like, it's winter, right? You can't just go outside and pick some cherries. That makes me sad.

Awesome rack.

Pretty awesome got more?

Fuck yes

i'd cut those tits off without pain reliever

more plz

there's a crack in the mirror

I would hook her up to an industrial milking machine and punish her severely if those piercings fuck up her milk production.

Where I don't see no crack

I think her bag is staring at me

Amazing tits, but I can't get past that weird bulbous nose.

on the right look at the lamp

I'm thinking that public restrooms where everyone shits in the same open air is weird... Give us private room/stalls with a solid fucking door please.

It annoys me that her nipple piercings are wonky.
Banging rack though.


Ruined a great rack by piercing her nipples. Even worse, she went with bars instead of rings.

Awesome tits. The Nipple Piercings are spot on.

I demand Moar

(who the fuck cares if Rings or Bars...she can change that whenever she wants to)

Tig bitties. Very legal and very cool.

good chest, but not slimy enough

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there is no crack in the mirror.