Name a better duo

Name a better duo.

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JonTron and Egoraptor

Bleach and ammonia

Who the fuck are these graffiti faced retards?

This duo.

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just more suburban white kids who think they can rap

Jesus fucking Christ.

Apparently they can because they’ve got a pretty big following and plenty of dope rap artists have worked with them.

Don't understand why people hate them. They really ain't that bad.

>pretty big following

yeah,of idiots from the suburbs who are white

maybe if you wernt a dumb teenage kid your opinion would matter

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Lol they just take a little getting used to

>"hurrr durrrt but derr fans are whyte and haven't had to shoot sumbodi yet hurrr durrr

Who gives a fuck? Go back to Nigsylvania or where ever it is that you white hating faggots come from.

>of idiots from the suburbs that are white
Yeah, that’s the main audience for rap in 2019, you fucking idiot. It’s not 1994, white people love rap. And I have black friends who listen to them.

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I'm just gonna thread this so I cans start googling



obi-wan and general grievous

They're good but their song names are retarded

"All that glitters is not gold, but it's still damn beautiful"

What kinda title is that

Method Man and Redman
Ghostface and Raekwon
Prodigy and Havoc
Nate Dogg and Warren G
Eminem and Royce da 5’9
I could go on for while, I still like $B tho.

Shakewell & pouya have a couple bangers

Oh shit I forgot OutKast, what the fuck was I thinking. Greatest rap duo of all time.

All of that. Overrated.

Lmao blow me. Scrim is an average rapper, Ruby has some unique flows but he’s a ducking mumble rapper half the time. The aesthetic is by far the biggest appeal. Neither of them are amazing MCs.

butter and pickles

Deez nuts.

I agree with you on all except Nate Dogg isn't overrated, I think he's kinda right where he should be his shit was pretty unique and distinctive.

>calling the Wu over rated
You’re trash and your opinions are too

Aesop Rock and Kirby

Fuck yeah user

It is overrated, you fucking bandwagoner, besides that shit it is just corny af, a bunch of retards who think they're chinks rapping about shit straight from a comic blow. Swallow my load, queer, try having an opinion of your own sometime

soap and water

Not even worth a comment

Faggot you don’t even know what bandwagon means. Where’s the wu tang bandwagon? They’re not hot, they haven’t been for 20 years. Maybe you should buy a fucking dictionary.

But you commented.....

You're an idiot if you think people aren't still riding their cocks, people that have never even listened to them will tell you that they're good in my town, with those stupid fucking W hoodies.

Herpes and gonnorhea.

They used to be good. They bore me now since the ep with barker. Also scrim cut his dreads. Yuck

>wahhhhh people like things I don’t like
And how the fuck do you know if you’ve listened to it? I have a wu shirt and listen to them. Sounds like you’re really butthurt about it.

>wahhhhhh people like things I don't like

That was basically what got us into this argument in the first place, you bitching because I don't like your bullshit. You're definitely ape-brained, dude.

They need to live up to their name and DO IT!
suicided boys....
Viagra Boys are much better

both of my nuts

>dope rap artists


I wonder at what age they're gonna look in the mirror and think "what the fuck did I do to myself? "

black friends adopted by white people

Idk, they don't really give a shit

Never has Hiphop been more degnerate than now, less entertaining too