Any nudes of this meat pig since she started hitting the foil and lost all of that weight?

Any nudes of this meat pig since she started hitting the foil and lost all of that weight?

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>lost all of that weight

Like that would ever happen.

id hit it if she showered tbh

Who is that jessislaughter?

Jesus fucking Christ it all went so horribly wrong.

It did. Meth is a hell of a drug

>Jesus fucking Christ it all went so horribly wrong.
daddy fucked her

It went exactly how it was supposed to go.
Consequences were never the same.

Christ. Imagine the stretch marks.

She must look like a zebra

When did she become handicap?

consequences were never the same

>Imagine the stretch marks.
Or the flappy folds of leftover skin...her whole body must look like her beef-curtains by now.

why is she in crutches, has she always had them?

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Sup Forums made fun of her so hard, her legs gave out.

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I'd fuck that

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that's the kind of body you're supposed to earn after raising 3 kids
women can't even get out of the starting gate these days

Don't care, I'm fapping.

No she hasn't always had them, and she's faking some illness. Used to be EDS, but now it's something else

She got nothing now. I miss how plump and careless she was

As someone with EDS I am offended that she'd pretend to have it.

Where are these from?

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consequncnes will neer be the same

>she's faking some illness
This, but let's not forget the mental illness that is clearly a factor in what she became.
/b just gave her the nudge over the edge that she craved.

She's what 20 or so by now? Got the body of a 40yo crackwhore but goddamm if I wouldn't gape her asshole.

Having a good saggy tits fap here, I wish she'd make a video her on all fours jiggling them around.

google drive of everything i have


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Not working

add drive DOT google DOT com infront of it

Never mind, I'm dumb

ty daddy omg

Not gonna lie, I fapped hard to her very first nudes ever. They actually were beautiful. She had captured that one moment of innocence before it all went to shit

np bro

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What a shame. She was better before.

> hitting the foil
what is that?

They were from This era. By the moment she went mainstream and became a known lolcow, that phase was gone

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Good looking out, my shit is diamonds now

Same, love the one of her feet behind her head, her asshole looks so good in that one

Meth and/or crack or heroin. You need foil to cook the stuff and smoke it

hmm imagine if that could be sold as a real weight loss aid.

How much does she charge per hour? I'm hoping she still does sessions.

does anyone have a link to her first nudes?

If she didn’t have the disgusting piercings, I might be able to fap to the new look but piercings are pure trash. Such a waste.

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>How much does she charge per hour?
Why would anyone pay for that?

Agreed that's my fav one to bust to ;) Her meaty lips were the best.

It was sometimes used for that purpose until the 60s or 70s when people figured out the downsides and the government tried to ban it or did ban it I forget.

I'll gladly pay if I can dump a few loads in her.

cool. they should still let people use it for that.

I picture horsey sauce poured on an arbys sandwich. Hard pass.

Helped me lose 50lbs lol. But I snort it. Weaning off the stuff worst comedown ever.

What's with the crutches and wheelies and the poor sense of fashion?

holy SHIT this bitch is the same age as me wtf she looks 35... my self esteem just shot through the roof

Any link to her first ever nudes?

CP isn't allowed mr.F.B.I.

intense glow

I spy with my little eye, a dozen or so cuts. What a surprise

I can hear the sirens already

is that some kind of pedo code phrase?

They do adderall is almost the same thing which is another reason why so many people abuse it and why rich people are skinnier than poor people access to drugs like that.

wasnt she like 12 years old?

she is 11-12 on those

She continues to attention whore on the internet using the fame Sup Forums gave her to this day. Alternatively she does actual whoring where she does sexual favors for money, using the fame Sup Forums gave her.

Either way, she's a whore, and Sup Forums was the original pimp.

you sound like a good human being :)

not him but if we were good human beings and not dead inside or not failures at life we would likely never have wound up in this place much less stuck around it.

Absolutely nothing said was untrue in any way

Anyone have any of her hitting the pipe? Asking for a friend.

I've talked to her. She's really nice.

It doesn't change the fact that she's a narcissist and a vapid attention whore.

Until she isn't

Actually had a chance to meet her in person a few years back at an anime con. Almost asked to fuck but decided I would be better not to lmao.

is this the one whose dad went on cam because the internet offended her or something? or am I thinking of someone else


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>Got on cam to threaten a cyberpolice attack.
>Arrested and jailed for punching her.
>Died not too long after of a heart attack.
Never change Sup Forums

Meth or not, she looks a lot like my girlfriend, and I have a type. Definitely into it.

a heart attack? I thought he offed himself

Raise your standards


Yes, and like every other 12-yr old, was a glutton for attention - so Sup Forums gave it to her, and she got more than she bargained for.

This user nailed it.