Is it ever worth cheating? Pic kinda related

Is it ever worth cheating? Pic kinda related

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quads say no

Fuck, you’re probably right

If you actually care about the person you're with? No.
Otherwise yeah.

If you do care about them, talk to them about the kink you're trying to fulfill. You'd be surprised how well that can go.

You’re probably right, and they know about the issue I’ve been having for a while and I honestly don’t know what the fuck is going on in my head.

I’ve never been this set on being with someone before, love her to death, planning on marrying her and it’s like a dream relationship yet I have urges to cheat and fuck other girls/trannies sometimes. And I have no clue why. Hell, right now I’m about to go meet up with some hot tranny while my gf is at work for three more hours and I don’t know why

just jerk off, don't be a faggot and succumb to weakness

I lost everything doing what you're doing dude.

I had the love of my life. And I broke her heart like a twig when she found out about what I had been doing ... They always find out dude.

I lost everything that mattered to me.
My world has no color.
My life has no meaning ...
Trust me..... She will and can move on .. and be happy without you ... But you can't.

The worst part is I know this, and I know I might end up just committing suicide if I lost her due to own cheating, yet I’m still about to go fuck a tranny anyway like an idiot

Yes it's worth it. Getting that nut with a random new girl beats alot of the pleasures this world has to offer. Idk about all that tranny stuff. For me fucking 18yos while being married is a huge rush.

I fucking love shemales, but cheaters disgust me, if I were you I would try sharing the fetish with her and maybe even watch the porn together, but no cheating without her consent. Also if you can do it you must let her do it too, like an open relationship, I would not be willing to do that so just fap to the porn, for me it would be plenty and if she likes the porn too, hell, that's marrying material.

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Well if you both cheat it's winning

Yeah I agree with everything, I just don’t know what my problem is or why this is so bad. It feels unbeatable, the urge that is. It’s the cheating I want

You disgust me.

Then I kindly suggest you to go talk to your partner about this, or kill yourself, you don't deserve her anyways.

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lol if your gay then i guess go for it but just so u know your fucking a dude and your a faggot if not just bi but its aint straight my dude you my man are fucking another MAN lol

I really should, I just can’t. Nothing I could say would be new at this point

Talk to her about it. I told my girlfriend about my interest in trans girls and she finds it really hot. She's completely adamant on having a threesome with one later on. Your girl might be different but it's worth a shot.

OP here, just bailed on getting a bj from a tranny because holy shit they were not very passable.

Can’t believe this is what stopped me from cheating

LOL good on ya OP, maybe research a little more before booking one next time.

Wat do when girlfriend won't lose goddamn weight for you? Serious responses only. I love her to death and I never want to hurt her, but it's both a physical and a long term thing (I don't want her to die at ~50) and I can't do this forever if she isn't gonna get in shape.

Nope. If you wanna bang others either open the relationship or realize your current one has run its course

>get into physical activity yourself - lifting, jogging, whatever gets you moving
>make sure she knows or sees you doing it
>always act happy after
You very well might feel really good after, it happens a lot, but even if you're sweaty and tired and achy, make it seem like it was a lot of fun and enjoyable
>ask her if she wants to come with you on a job, to the gym, whatever
>encourage her to eat healthier
This means making meals at home, or if you MUST go out, make sure its a somewhat healthy place with smaller portion sizes
>once she starts getting up and being active, start to compliment and notice any changes
Even if changes don't happen soon, still try to make her feel good about working out. I mean, if she's a hambeast, the pounds will melt away with even a little bit of physical exercise and a better diet. Get her to try keto.

Lastly, if none of this works, sit her down and explain to her that long-term perspective. I, myself, wouldn't want to have children with someone living an unhealthy lifestyle, as that would no doubt be passed on. My mom fed me junk and enrolled me into zero physical activities, mostly because we were broke, but I will die before I make my kids live like that. That includes getting a wife/mother for them that will lead a healthy life. If you feel the same, tell her that. Be stern, but don't insult her. Let her know what your intentions are for a future family.

>on a jog*
God damn it

How overweight is she? Like big macs all day or just a bit chubby

I 2nd this.

do it.

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She doesn't even eat poorly except on the weekends, but she's pretty massive. I can't gauge weight but it's gotta be 260+. She let herself go and has maybe gained 80 lbs at least, but her diet doesn't seem very bad so it's strange. Latina and 32 if it matters.
Thanks mate those are all very good ideas. I'm gonna try to get her to sign up to a gym with me and if it doesn't stick, the long term talks coming out.

Well, I told them they weren’t fem enough then got really pissed and amongst their salty ness, mentioned saving our conversations and knowing where I work. Am I fucked?

Ohh boy. Are you fit or are you both fat

I'm skinny, about 145, could gain some muscle and would like to

260 is really big man, start hiking that way it's not like oh lets go to the gym. She knows shes fat so going subtle is the best bet unless you don't have sex anymore then just end it

We hardly have sex and I'm not into it. I don't want to give up on her because I love her though. Gonna try the gym route.

Risk vs reward.

If it's a casual fuck and you have no plans for the future, whatever, just know it'll blow up in your face eventually, and it'll follow you when it does. If you see any type of future with the person, either talk about being in an open relationship or don't do it.

Biased opinion as I fucked up my own situation with this same question; now I'm sitting with neither girl, and the one that was pregnant with the child I wanted aborted him after leading me on about raising the boy together just to hurt/spite me. Personally not worth it, drinking to actually pass out/sleep gets expensive, especially when you feel like you deserve the position you're in.


Cheaters deserve the death penalty.

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Hispanic here. You're fucked because the average Latina in her 30s is chubby and it only gets worse from there. The reason? Genetics mostly, but also the same fucking 5 ingredients in the food they love.