REKT.... because I said so

REKT.... because I said so

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Chek'd trips but retarded vid, I can't believe I've see people believing this shit is real.

Holy shit sauce plz!

might not be real, but i need more of it plz

daddy must be so proud lmao

Of course he is, he just got a blow

White people, amirite?

Wypipo be crazy

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Kek, dude, you fucking rule

Those two are kinda hot, ngl.... moar plz

One man's rekt is another mans dream

I'd probably pay money to be that guy

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>might not

Pretty sure he'd notice the piss splashing on his phone screen and feel warm all over his back that seems to turn cold after 3 seconds

fuck this weak thread

I'll try to contribute

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Typical sandnigger behavior

bruh what the fuck, I am new to Sup Forums, is it always like this in here?

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Yes, leave.

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100% natives to that country

Sorry for samefagging btw

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merkels fuckboyz, a rich culture, isn't it?
from the news i remember them to be turks or arabs, the woman was just an object to them, to vent their emotions on.

rape rape rape

all stand for the Nigerian national anthem

This has to be my favorite of the bunch though

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Phil Anselmo's adventures in public transport.

rape rape

He came back later to lecture that man about the troubles of heroin addiction

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United States of Niggerland

Nah, Nigsylvania.

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Thread about to be 404'd

Was she actually dead?

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You are lying.
It was in Sweden.

Ever since updating my iPhone I cannot view webms. Anyone k ow how?

too old.
not knew enough.

This is how life feels like sometimes

Checked, not rekt but awesome.
The guy is great.

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Free Aikido lesson.

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try diff browser

not possible
apple products are the best at doing everything
if you can't do it on an apple, it is not worth doing

>trying to stop the car with your foot to the ground rather than slamming the breaks
is this the chink genes or the female genes speaking

It could be fake, a thread should never 404 for art

Idk, I heard it's Russian

Well, sorry, not a rape fetishist.

Fake as fuck

Keker's!! Nice dubs!!

Hell yeah, Sup Forumsrother, he makes me happy.

Really nigger?

wonder what he's listening to

it's so good he doesn't feel there warm piss on his back


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The native americans taught him this. Nothing goes to waste. Nothing.

Especially not an opportunity

no, was in berlin, germanistan. google it (again).

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they're so fugly

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Getting close to being all out, Sup Forumsoys, might have to resort to gore soon.

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Most frightening display of puppetry i've ever seen.

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To be honest, if I was near this faggot, I would had punched him till he was gone unconscious.

How about another?

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that's impressive aim, tbh

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Nice nigger, TRIPS

that's disgusting - people will eat anything - fuck oreos man

That gangsta lean

So young and already nogging.

Take your pick.. do you wanna be racist or sexist?

>probably a bit tbh tho

Yes, cracker. Really.

>a bit
What the actual fuck phone

your mom likes nog juice

Why the fuck not have both?

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Found this the other day but was unable to find sauce. Can anyone enlighten me?

what the hell is even that?

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Centipede things, it's vid related that I'm not all too sure of though

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Anyone know where this happened?

Do the stanky leg

It's always asians that I see doing this kind of shit. Seriously, what the fuck.

dude wtf??

and why do they explode?
>inb4 nerve gas

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That's a geoduck. Clam like thing that lives a foot or two deep in mud and sticks it's penis looking about up above mud to breathe. They have farms of these things on the west coast in WA state.

Any more rape?

Because she dipped them in hot oil

(Mixed with nerve gas)

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Where does the cum come from if its a fake dick?

dude do you have the sauce?

Are those the things that excrete a milky substance underwater as self defense (not a joke btw)


not hot oil bc not bubbling, no smoke,
also, the glass would break.
Plus chink wouldnt be able to eat it right away.

Can't tell if that's a joke because there's so many actual retards on here but that's saliva, tardboy

its spit and mucus