I've got diverticulosis at age 21

I've got diverticulosis at age 21
What do?

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Take antibiotics, eat more fibre.

rest until healed, allow self tend and set all skills to priority 4

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doctor said it's for life, doing my own research has scared me

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if trannies can live with gaping open wounds in their abdomen some gut problems shouldn't get you down.

Wasn't given any

Oh shit, that might be what I have. 34 here.

Bleach enema. 2tsp bleach to 1qt water

Put fist into anus and pop those fuckers

takes a crane to get it out

Crohns here.... ask for a bentyl prescription

Not supposed to have it at my age according to the doctors,
Research said after age 40 guess we're screwed

my dad has that and he got a surgery done so his shits got easier, not sure if he still has problems with it but one things for sure he spends like hours less on the toilet.

What are your symptoms exactly?

doctors thought i had crohns. Never got an answer as to what i actually had but sometimes my intestines just swell up and get really really bad gut pains. shit sucked.

i'll never poop solid ever again :(

Damn that's rough

never had problems going to the toilet I think it's just hereditary
Gotta love having shit genes

Ah, was thinking of diverticulitis

there was an NHL player that had it a year or two ago and was back to playing in like 6 weeks lmao, his name is David Backes. So your life is not over

I got worms that won't fuck off.

Want to swap? I have insomnia because i can feel the bastards wiggling in my arsehole for like 6 months.

It sounds disturbing, but the solution is to finger your ass to shit more than just what your body normally does. Empty everything out and enema at least once a month. This solves most of it, the rest is figuring out what foods react bad with your gut bacteria.

all of humanity has shitty genes. the result of millions of years of DNA replication and what not.

pain on left lower side of stomach, no appetite, slight fever
Had a CT scan done appendicitis was ruled out
Cyst were seen in the scan

can you not take something for it? and eat foods that make your gut biome less survivable?

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>the rest is figuring out what foods react bad with your gut bacteria.

been figuring this out for years. leafy greens cause the most problems. simple proteins like chicken, beef or bison have no effect. cant drink alcohol anymore but there is a plus. I literally can't get constipated no matter if i try.

when i was deployed people were shitting infants because of the MRE only diet but my O ring was perfectly fine since i shit oatmeal no matter what i do

What did he do?

How did you get diagnosed?

Docs think I have crohns disease - tested positive for fecal calprotectin three times. They want to do the colonoscopy but I've tried three times and can't stomach the prep solution... always get sick.

They keep claiming theres no other way to diagnose, but I think they just want my money. Any advice?

Balance cheeses with carbs. If done right you will be gassy, but wont be shitting sloppy mud. Meats also help harden, but too much will go the other way.

Exercise helps a lot. Start running and lifting hard. Keep hydrated too, lots of electrolytes

can eat a whole 72oz steak every day and it doesn't change the consistency. Only thing that does if i drink excess protein powder.

i only eat cheese if i'm ok with having a beer gut for a few days

just had bloods done and a CT scan, said it was visible in the scan

i already do this and it really does help. Only problem i have is core workouts will cause a pain like someone is trying to rip my intestines out through my belly button.

also if i drink soda i'll have a little trouble breathing for a few days.

Eat an apple everyy day avoid nuts and metamusil is your friend

hey man you sound like me. if you get sick of the runny shits, just eat 2-3+ amodium ADs. basically take as many as you need for it to work, for me one wont do it. usually 2 does but sometimes it takes 3-4.

This is my go to secret weapon in case im somewhere where I can't risk a shit-my-pants episode (as I did one time in a school parkinglot many years ago, everything locked and I shit my pants like someone dumped a gallon of brown water into them) never again man. amodium AD

I have diverticulitis, hope you dont get that

When you did the CT scan did you have to drink any of that solution or prep shit?

What country are you from? Just wondering where you got your diagnosis

i'll give it a shot.

well it hurts so idk if I do or don't have to visit the surgeon in 2 weeks

It’s not for life if you have surgery.
I was hospitalized 5 times in a year and a half till I gave up and had almost a foot of my large intestine cut out.

What is your record for hospitalizations? Have you had a colonoscopy? How many pockets were revealed?

it was sent into my vein

that the stuff that made you feel like you pissed yourself?

Would you mind telling me where you are from or what hospital you got a diagnosis?

I would literally fly across the country, maybe even internationally. My docs have refused anything but colonoscopy for 3 years, so I've been suffering

well I was literally diagnosed this morning but I'm already thinking about having it removed just wondering if there's any risk

seriously. i got the tip from someone on /fit/ actually (was a doc, so he claimed, but said dont bother with the recommendations on the bottle*, just take what works). Just buy a bottle of generics at walmart or whatever (its like 96 tabs for $10, super cheap)

anyway it wont cure you, but its been a HUMONGOUS boon to my life lol.

*dont be dumb and take 12 right out the gate, work your way up

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I'm from the Caribbean, Trinidad idk if the doctors here are any better unless you have money

good times. I learned i was sterile a few weeks after i did that. definitely not related to the gut thing so no worries for you there but it was a day burned into my being

Well of course there is a risk. However, until you get an actual photo of the problem it’s next to impossible to know how serious the problem is. It can be a minor issue that is kept in check for years by proper diet and exercise. Worst case you get a hole in your gut and die from infection or get a colostomy bag.

Is the doctor recommending a colonoscopy?

I'm gonna just doubt the iodine caused that

Chances are you're gonna be fine. Unless it is a cause for any symptoms you're fine quit being a little bitch because it looks scary.

ok? I didn't claim it did. I was having other tests done at the time. more than one thing can happen to people at once user

Do carnivore diet for heal your gut. Search about Shawn Baker on YouTube.

nope they didn't said it wasn't bad, so I'm guessing as you said it can be kept in check, think what scared me was when the doctor looked me in the eyes and said that it can only get worse

I think that's what caused my problem

jordan peterson put his daughter on it and it completely turned her shit around. No idea how true that is but so far its helping me more than its obviously helping.

although its entirely possible that its also a result of avoiding fast food and sweet drinks like the plague.

i changed too many things at once

appendicitis is on the right. Are your doctors retarded or niggers?

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yeah you're right, I've also got a broken finger right now happened after started having the stomach pain ,shitty week

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I can understand keto and even fasting, but restricting yourself to ONLY meat makes no sense to me.

Well, if you’ve done the research then you know what you have is a tiny pocket in the lining of your intestines. Think of it as a miniature appendix. It’s not supposed to be there and it can become infected. Some foods will irritate it and some won’t. The more fiber you eat the better your poops are. Good regular poop cuts down on your risks.

Are you fat or thin? Is your diet good or bad? Are you athletic or sedentary? Do you have gall bladder issues? Do you have hemorrhoids?

this is good for your bacterial culture since you eat a lot of shit food at times

you don't think it was likely that at certain points in human evolution it was safer to consume animal flesh for long periods than taking risks with unidentifiable plants?

i dunno man ive been doing the meat only diet for about 9 months and feel pretty good compared to the constant bloating i got from eating a mix. possible your mileage may vary tho

I've got colitis, shit sucks ass. My body can legit have a flare up from any kind of food, Even if I've had food before that didn't hurt me.

kinda fat, cook my own food so I'll say I've got an average diet good on some days bad on others ,I am not athletic but I don't sit around all day either and no gallbladder or hemorrhoid issues either

My mother's had it for decades and I've had the symptoms for years. Don't sweat it, hypochondriac boy. Just eat a shit ton of fibre, including fibre powder / drinks.

Get the colon scan!

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they don't sell fibre here only fiber

Thanks I'll keep that in mind

> at certain points in human evolution
At certain points during migratory periods perhaps, but not over evolutionary time.

9 months is quite crazy, I'm guessing you're taking a lot of supplements.

Am doctor

You’re fine, you’re being paranoid

Do what your doctor said. Eat more fiber, keep a healthy diet, and if you ever had severe abdominal pain, tell the doctor you have a history of diverticulosis

You can't help living in a tard country. It's fibre, not fiber you fucking imbecile. English language, from England... Our language, our rules.

>I'm guessing you're taking a lot of supplements.
no not really. unless you count pre-workout and BCAA's as supplements specifically taken to make up for what i'm not getting in meat only. no issues like cramping, rashes, sight problems or hair loss. A bit more greasy skin but i've always been a little oily. feel great

>0 to autistic screeching in 60 seconds.

when did euros lose the art of the bantz?

ok will do

colostomy bag probably, Im sorry to hear it my dude.
Ill have that in a few years too cause of chrons disease

have you ever flinged your poop sack at someone?

Are there certain foods to make you bleed when you shit or are they cutting me while coming out?
I swear everytime i eat hot sauce(chipotle), nuts, fiber cereal theres blood when i wipe

Well, follow recommended guidelines on diet and fiber. Ask the doctor for a referral to a dietitian if need be. Many insurances will cover the first couple of visits but double check just to be sure. Have you had multiple flare ups? Keep track of what you were eating that may have caused it. If you suffer from loose bowels frequently then add generic benefiber to your coffee every day. I do that. Your gut will be gassy until it gets used to the extra fiber. I’m gonna guess the doctor talked to you about high-res and low-res diets. Low-red is only for flare ups. If you eat pasta then buy whole wheat pasta. Same for bread. The better your bowels move the less likely you will have an attack.

The doc was right when he/she said it can only get worse but that’s kind of like the doc staring at you and saying you’re gonna die... in a hundred years or less. Proper care of your body ensures better quality of life.

Don’t buy in to fad diets. Find one that is reasonable in fiber but doesn’t overdo it. All meat diets? Remember that a real carnivore has an intestinal track that is much shorter than a humans. That is so meat doesn’t sit in their gut and transmit bacterial infections. People have a longer gut. That’s so we can get the most nutritional value from an omnivorous diet.

>ylyl thread now

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Plants has useless and empty fiber and antinutrients. All Your Body need is animal products. Carnivore is most antiinflamatory diet .it healed my ADHD,assperger and depression symptoms. I have Tried everything during this years and I can say: dry fast>>>carnivore>>>>salts and water fasts>>>>keto

Diverticulosis itself is not an indication for color resection or ileostomy

Even most cases of diverticulitis don’t warrant a resection/ileostomy

However, if you treat your body like shit and eat like shit, the chances of it progressing from benign diverticulosis to severe diverticulitis and perforation requiring a resection will increase

thats dye and capsicum oils in your shit dude. Stop eating spicy foods if your starfish hurts

fucking strange, my mom has that. No joke saw like 5 doctors until they figured it out. Only did because the doctor's wife happened to have it.

Her symptoms went away completely when she headed the doctor's advice and stopped eating gluten. Hope that helps

yeah we have some really hot peppers here few months ago had bleeding occur after eating a lot, me being a an idiot thought it was normal so haven't had those peppers since

I dunno it fucking hurts coming out and when i wash my ass with soap in the shower

Whatever works for you I guess!
Consider supplementing on some Vitamin A B C E, potassium and magnesium.

it shouldnt. you only need to wash your crack man you don't need to scrub your ass hole. Maybe your scratching it with your nails or something fuck.

You've got thumbnailitis too.

we have free healthcare, but there are private institutions
It's been kinda constant since it started the pain I mean
Was over exaggerating when I responded to the all meat diet never done that before I eat a lot of rice

>empty fibers and antinutrients

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