Warm Bread for Hungry Celebs. Michetta Edition

Warm Bread for Hungry Celebs. Michetta Edition.

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Nudes please

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i want carly poster to milk me :3

So, where is she !?!?

stop chorlie

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checked :>

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Sleen a sexy

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:> u

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why is sleen never posted any more

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Gud tits

Dunno trips user, she‘s still a top shelf qt

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Because God is unkind.

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My waifu where are you?

how r u qt?

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i wish gigi was slutty like bella

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I am ok! How r u qter?
You are truly a hero.

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She's got a nice bum

she gots to slut it up to try keep up

sleeeeepy but ok

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Ok is good! Sorry about sleepy! Mebbe u need cuddle and rest?

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Time for me to confess I hooked up with a Ariana grande.


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cuddle and smoch needed 2bh


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If Nessa wasn't hitched

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Boopable nose confirmed

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She has an open relationship

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holy fuck

I want another life in which i'll be a world-famous boxer and she'll be my girlfriend.

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so I heard

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Stop, you're embarrassing me

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How you doin', cute stuff?
JJ the boopest *boop*

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Nobody told Cara this? Shameful

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hotter than i thought

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bop u 2

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I'll kiss your feet.

Happy 2 provide endless smoch and cuddle! :>
Bop u more

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I feel sicky and slept all day, watching the youtubes and chill at the fire.
Hows you?

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>tfw dua lipa will never tie you up and milk your cock
Why even live

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bop u best
Hope you feel better qt!! Recover quick *boop*
Sittin' at the fire sounds soothing tho c:
I'm oki, same as you really, minus the fire.

forgot pic, i suck at this .-.

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she isn't 5"2


I wonder if gigi is pierced too... even with her sluttiness though, bella is still not equal to gigi

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I was talking about Nessa.

nessa isn't hitched

Hi fellas

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GiGi's clitty is probably pierced

:o u win this one

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she has to live every day knowing that she won't be equal
poor bella :/
I give coom to make feel better

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is she finaly getting back to not being fat?

Haven't coomed in 19 days and been edging for an hour someone give me something to finish to

idk but I think that's old

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no u win bc ur qt

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damn that's a Supreme tiddy

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You‘ll get better :)
Then we‘re both sicky and chill together. I share my fire with you.
She can be my pp queen any time, she a cute and a sexy, perfect mix.

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Spill it

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But but but u r qt!!

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hello nigger

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ngl I had a dream about her and gg once. mostly that pic where they're almost scissoring

she got cute nips

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Says the dingus posting one of the nicest pair of tiddies out there.

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Not tnig. Thanks for playing.

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she really needs to get back to being hot. as someone who sells her image as part of the whole entertainment machine, there's no excuse to be a fatass.

Un-ironically one of my favorite singers.

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Yes Mistress

Good evening everyone!

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That's more like it.

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And she’s now basically having hooks ups with a nobody

Shes the definition of trash.

Looks like Nic Cage in a wig

pixel upgrade

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That's one of her sexiest videos/looks.

I didn't say you were. lmao watcha hidin?
yeah but we haven't seen ryry's bare tits yet, ya goofus :p
gg is superior but that one is growing on me immensely

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Never been a fan of hers but looking at her now she does have some top tier legs.

Of course Mistress...