When will people realise that having sexual attraction for girls around 13 years and older is perfectly normal because...

When will people realise that having sexual attraction for girls around 13 years and older is perfectly normal because this is when their body is biologically ready and they have sexual features that men look for.

The only reason why people disagree with it is because society and feminists made it 'wrong and immoral' and many of you mindless sheep follow along the bandwagon, seriously just look at the fucking media.... Most of those who disagree are ugly fat older women and white knights. Also fags that disagree love to yell insults, threats and the word 'pedo' like a bunch of mindless seagulls but never any factual arguments.

Prove me wrong.
Pro-tip: you can't

> also pic not related because she's like 10 but I bet u clicked because she was beautiful, which is normal to think. From 12 she would be very ready for relations with older guys

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It's not only feminists impoverished teenage boys want to stand a chance too.

Kik afamb134

>When will people realise
When we end women's suffrage

Their body might be but their mind isn’t.. you shouldn’t give a 13 year old a gun, just like you shouldn’t act on any sexual desires towards a 13 year old and I’m sure you’ll disagree because you’re mentally retarded.

You guys are just salty for not having a teenage romance or just being alone right now

Get off internet and make something out of your lives because right now, you don't even deserve to be called humans

Human is a state of being it isn't something you earn by meeting jewish standards

their body may be ready but their mind isn't, that is backed up by science and you know it, you just can't cope, thus the reason the law is there: to protect them.

you want to have the right to prey on developing children because you wouldn't stand a chance with someone that knows any better.

I started using guns around the age of 8. It's very common in rural areas for children to be familiar with and use guns. Your point is now invalid.

Lmaoo you get the legitimate right not to be a trash when you actually start to use your brain

kill yourself pedo nigger

Too bad you didn't shoot yourselfduring all these years

just because your parents are retarded doesn't mean user is invalidated. If they taught you to eat your own shit would you be defending it too?

>they have sexual features that men look for.
when was the last time you saw a 13 year old with full breasts and child bearing hips? Please describe what characteristics you think 13 year old girls have that show they're biologically ready to bear children.

You're not a pedophile, you're a hebephile.

> I bet u clicked because she was beautiful
She's cute, not arousing. VERY big difference.

she does have a pretty mouth. and she is probably tight as fuck in all her holes.


Again that's not how the world works. You can post on twitter and reddit all day but you will still be trash while we are humans

she looks like the hot little 10 yo that lives down the block from me. wonder if she sucks dick as good?

True virgin comment

Dude adults are also tight if that's what you're looking for
Or just wrap your dick in cellophane or something if you're into tightness kinks

>feeling superior for only using chinese basket-weaving forums as social media

It's extremely common in rural areas. Everyone I know uses guns. I started hunting on my own at 12. Just because your liberal metoo millinial faggotry prevents you from being responsible enough to own or use a gun, doesn't mean the rest of the country is as immature and stupid as you.

yeah, but it is not the same. cellophane doesnt cry and scream and beg.

Dude it is not because you're living that you can say you are existing
That's the whole point of not being a trash and gaining dignity as a human being, which you don't seem to have so get a life

it's more than a feeling. wealth and truth speaks for itself

i don't live on your shitty country, sorry

i m not atracted to 13 year old because they behave like fucking 13 year olds no matter how much tits they allready have

you must be an adult to post here

Yeah it is well known that the most educated people come from rural areas

what else did your parents give you at 8

being mentally deficient trash doesn't help your argument virgin

>muh liberals trying to take guns away from muh children

so you are a fag AND a larper

We should do this.
Women shouldn't suffer.

at least he knows how to quote

sounds like projection. have fun with that.

>more than a feeling
When I hear that old song they used to play

There are plenty of ways to defend 13 year olds from being raped but saying

>learning responsibility = eating shit

Fuck off retard

when did i say that, you literal retard

Therw are plenty of ways to argue but it seems like you know none of them

Use insults to compensate your lack of thoughts ig

Intelligence is distributed on a normal bell curve across the population. There is no correlation between intelligence and urbanization. Further, I have never seen a news story lamenting failing schools in a rural area. I have seen many, many stories about failing schools in urban areas.

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Coming at this from a place of experience. When I was 22 I fucked my 14 year old niece. It was her idea, she approached me, and I gave in. There were no consequences for me. But I will say this. That even if a girl feels she is physically ready (and they are) for any kind of sexual relationship, they are mentally incapable. They have no fucking idea of who they are, what they want, etc. They just know it feels to get touched/fucked. They don't consider the mental ramifications of their actions at that point. So yeah, they might be attractive on some level. They might be eager to please (mostly because they want to just get fucked for no good reason other than to fuck), but at the end of the day, it's just not right for so many reasons.

>t. OP is a pedo in denial

btw once upon a time, as soon as a young dude got a good reputation (sober and not a gambler) and a job, he became eligible for marriage. The father of some virgin girl asked the dude's father: "would he marry my daughter?" And within a month marriage happened. Ten years later his wife birthed a number of children and still was in her prime years. Divorce was basically non-existant, and anyway no man would have engaged a non-virgin girl.

Today, a ridicolously bizantine mating ritual mandates a large number of absurdities and the girl is literally ready to divorce-rape the man.
And if you want a virgin girl you need to find out some seriously devout Roman Catholic family and still be wary

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>that "INCEL" shirt


bro wtf

who cares anyway about their mental developement when you are balls deep in their tight holes.

On a primal level, I agree.

There was a Mexican girl in my elementary school who had big tits.

And that doesn't make them hotter?

the girl in the picture looks 10 not 13. which is ok. that is even better.

sampedo is samefagging like it was still summer

>when was the last time you saw a 13 year old with full breasts and child bearing hips?
My girlfriend in middle school. Actually she had big tits when she was 12.

That only happens in your little american village. The rest of the civilized world shits on your guns.

how old are you? I dated a 15 year old when i was 46. which is legal here.

central Africa doesn't count because niggas always go nignog

we wuz kangz

I knew this guy who fucked his stepdaughter who was 10 until she was 12. he said it was totaly worth the 3 years he got.

I agree with OP, being sexually interested in a 13 year old isnt really bad and is perfectly natural and normal for any usually-wired male brain. Its not pedo, pedo = boners for prepubescent kids, which is fucked up.

The thing is, when people "have a problem" with someone popping boners for 13 year olds is this: we all know us guys will fuck anything "in play" and if people know a 13 year old is "in play" for you, there is a chance greater than 0% that you could succeed and actually bone her. And again, in a primal sense, thats no problem but in a societal sense thats really damaging and fucked up. But if a kid is "in play", the ONLY thing left between her getting fucked or not is herself, and kids are really dump and its not hard at all (for someone in the right position) to entice them to make a choice they wont even be capable of regretting* until way, way later.

We dont really have much protection from people trying to fuck the kids because theres the automatic assumption that you wont because its illegal and, additionally, we add that "pseudo-pedo" label onto it to add an extra barrier of protection.

I think that most people are not consciously aware of the difference, and just lump anyone who breaks the law as "child fucker"

*60-70% of that regret/damage is just guilt society piles on to be sure, but whats left over is real, lasting, life-altering damage. Its that last 30-40% that parents and society feel so passionate about protecting.

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*30 years

ok pedo

nope 3 years in Canada. and 5 years after on the sex registry.

for first offence. second offence would only get 6 years. twice the first sentence is the norm here.

>worrying about girls minds
Get a load of this virtue signalling faggot.

You're talking about puberty age. The goal isnt to aim down

The problem with supporting the idea of older men with underage girls is the same as why many normal relationships fail. It is often that the interest the male has is self motivated rather than to benefit the life of the female. There is most often not a mutual desire to improve each others lives, rather a one sided agenda to satisfy a personal desire. This imbalance leads to frustration and aggression. Aggression is not dealt with well by children, especially in a dynamic where a person much older is seen as an authority figure. The emotional damage is life long and leads to more adult females being dismissive of strong males.

If the true definition of pedophile was adhered, men who love children would not seek to hurt, but rather to help the children they admire by building them into competent and confident people who will come to admire and have affection for the pedophile. Sexual interactions are simply damaging on any level. As a pedophile myself, I can not agree that the sexualization of children is at all fair or healthy for children. This is not to say I am not aroused by children, but my love will not allow me to harm them. I wont even allow myself to be creepy or frightening to children. I do all I can to simply be a kind adult and be as helpful as I can to make their lives better.

Pedophilia doesn't have to be a bad thing. It can be good, but pedophiles need to understand their role in society.


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the longest sentence i know of is a guy who got 10 years for him and his friend tag teaming his 9 year old daughter. over multiple times. he calimed it was because of his drinking. and he only got 10 years on the regristry.

Just jerk off to lolis man

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who cares what they have to say when they have their mouth full

>when was the last time you saw a 13 year old with full breasts and child bearing hips?
is this satire? I really hope it is, I dont think you're actully this stupid because a) you know you can flip that and find plenty of full adults that have "non-full breasts and non-childbearing hips" but being attracted to that doesn't mean anything, and b) there are PLENTY of 13 year olds with tits and hips. My GF is 26... go somewhere like cedar point or disney world and see how many literal children have bigger tits than her. Your logic is plum fucking atrocious.

Oy, vey!

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Perfectly said.

OP is a pedo

HOLY FUCKING SHIT are you retarded? fucks sake man the fucking boyscouts has kids shooting guns at those ages.

please go outback and strangle yourself.

exactly..or if you cover it when your up in their ass.

Do you have a hammer? You need to smash your nuts into oblivion so you never have kids,

I have one you can borrow if you don't

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strawman fallacy.

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found the retard

My man !

The reason you can't have her is because all the old hags would be eating out of dumpsters if that was their competition.

Bingo the body can be hot but the second they open their mouths I lose any fucking interest. Yet again proving short flat chested girls to be the superior choice.

even if i smashed my nuts my offspring wouldn't be half as defective as you, do a favor and hang yourself.

If you're gonna talk biology get your fucking facts straight retard, 13 yo is way old enough to bear children.


>t. "I'm offended"

But they grow titties at 14-16. Those are biologically necessary for babies. 13 year olds therefore are able to be impregnated, but unable to raise children.

(btw this thread is packed with plebbitors)

Also. Greta Thunberg looks 10 and she is 16.

they dont talk much at 10, mostly just begging and screaming. and mostly sobbing after so not so bad. you can have a smoke in peace after blowing your load and not have to listen to them.

>t. "i'm projecting"

OK plebbit but back to the question?

this is why we need to abolish cities

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great! let's live like central Africa

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Be careful, OP. One wrong move and the state will do anything they can to put you in jail. I agree with you, but don't voice those opinions out loud anywhere. There is too much logic in your argument.

how old are you user

For once I really can't tell if you're serious.

this stale pasta again