Who wants to see me give sloppy head and take it in the ass?

Who wants to see me give sloppy head and take it in the ass?

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how much?

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Odd. I'm getting tons of dms about it

fat as fuck/10, go for a walk

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you only need your name watermarked once
plastering it in every fucking frame just makes you look desperate, so does the fat...

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only time i wanna see chubby white sluts is with 3 bbc in them.

who wants niggers?!
then why do they exist?!

Go ask the owners of literally ALL the media that you consume why they insist that niggers are a good thing for you and your society.

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Hm it's on every frame because it's from multiple frames in the video. Not to mention what you're saying ain't true. Ppl will crop it and use only one frame
Not white. And definitely not into bbc or blakc guys


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get gangbanged then come back. we only want the real whores in here.


What does gang banging have to do with bcc or with stripping.


maybe if i say it barney style.
let 3 guys fuck you on video then come back. we like real sluts

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