27 years old for last 3 years working in shit job with 80% women co workers

>27 years old for last 3 years working in shit job with 80% women co workers
>these women know that im looner as fuck, cos i always sit at corner alone during lunch or smoking breaks and never talk to anyone
>some women tried to flirt with me, i wanted to flirst back even tho i wouldnt expect anything for that, cos they wasnt that hot, but didnt knew how to flirst, cos obviously im a virgin with zero expierence
>Recently got partner some 18 years old drop out guy, really average looking, nothing outstanding
>all the women constantly flirt with him, always checking him out. They never flirted that much with me.
>i was sitting with that 18 yo old partner, 2 female staff members came by, they passed me by didnt said a word, didnt even noticed i was there, but when they came by my partner, they couldnt stop looking at him and said hello to him
This shit is driving me crazy because its crushing my self esteem which is already barely existing, i feel like im inferior to these women even tho i think im better looking than that guy, im 6'3", he's like 4 inches shorter than me, he seems kinda shy with women as well, but less shy than me and more talkative, but he's always sitting in corner with me during breaks if he doesnt smoke during that break, so he never talks to them either. That job was chill, but now when i realised how fucking inferior im to these women i am, now i just want to get the fuck out of that job and never see anyone from there ever again.

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grats on the autism

i dont think i have autism, but i sure do have some other mental illnesses.

What job was it?

you spend 3 years not talking to them.. wtf do you want them to do?

i talked to them, but only about job, never about personal life, but still we wasnt talking that often

> wtf do you want them to do?
idk maybe if they gave me some recognition when i started working here like they gave to this new guy, maybe i would have talking more to people

The buck stop with you. For millions of years your ancestors were able to reproduce and pass on the torch of their essence only to see these efforts culminate in the autistic mong that is you. All that activity and effort down the drain because of some loser who can't cope with modern life

Send a selfie and a pic of the guy to rate

dont have

Ask him for advice, user.
He gets attention, so he knows how.

My guess: he is probably a social drinker, and got invited to a party by them once or twice.

no he wasnt, he is social drinker, but he doesnt know any of these women and at job he doesnt do anything to them too, theres no advice he can give me what to do, because he doesnt do anything and still gets that attention. And i couldnt ask for advice from guy who is 10 years younger than me.

This is the truth user.
When you first arrived, some women probably gave you a few glances and tried to interact. You didn't recepricate so they ignored you and

you became invisible. Women can't stand a lack of attention more than anything.

This is how you fix this:
>step 1: Figure out what you want, do you want a gf? to fuck? are you even interested in them, or is it just ego/Sup Forums convincing you otherwise? think it through...
>step 2: If yes, stop being a bitch and get outta your comfort zone and interact, it'll be slow and painful but you can transition from autist to normal in their eyes, its possible but you'll have to be strong.
>If no, there is no problem to begin with.

you're a grown ass man.. stop being a little bitch

men take, they don't beg


Being a bitch complainer will get you nowhere OP, truth me I know from experience.

If I’m reading this correctly, it sounds like you have poor social skills, fucked up attracting these women, and now are mad that they moved on to someone else? What exactly did you expect? You also said you’re not very attracted to them, so I don’t know what you’re angry about.

im intirested in some of them and would love to fuck them, but mostly its for my ego and self esteem.

idk, maybe i just need their recognision and to feel like they want me because they are literally the only people i interact with outside my family members.

He’s going to be balls deep in their pussys while you are crying and feeling sorry for yourself in your dark room.

>cos they wasnt that hot
>they wasnt
This is why you're all fucked up. Speak properly and be friendly at all times, even with your adversaries.
You're not going to make it.

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You should show those women that they have made a bad choice and go and kill them. Go to work one day and shoot them up. Inform them of their mistakes then end their lives.

This is where I am too. I don't want a relationship. I want to fuck. But the low self esteem and fear of attractive women (being made fun of, messing up a potential platonic relationship, awkwardness with coworkers/peers) has kept me from asking for what I want. I don't go out, I don't socialize beyond work, and I'm fat, dirty, and unhealthy. Ironically I know exactly what I need to do to improve myself, but choose not to.
>Inb4 faggot loser autist retard

Theres your problem, you don't have the skills to step up to the plate. Lower your expectations, and work and focus on yourself first. If you have the heart to look at yourself honestly and put your ego in check, as well as developing your self control/ social skills, you will 100% get laid. Don't expect it to be easy.

Don't be a weak bitch like most of these autist betas making excuses bro, godspeed.

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Op here
Do you guys think these women would change their opinion about me if I show them this photo of myself?

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but that guy isnt showing these women much attention either, yet they still show him attention and only sees him like he's the only male in this job.

Make better friends with new dude. He's willing to sit with you during breaks so thats already a solution to your first problem. His ability to actually speak with women coule be invaluable. Any women actually interested in you will ask him about you. If you have a good rapport he will explain away any issues they bring up concerning your apparent weaknesses, then highlight the holy fuck out of your strengths, maybe even lie to them to get you laid. You're a beta, and that's okay. Just don't be an omega and burn your bridge here.

You gotta make the conversations or out yourself into them. I have this really shy co worker girl that i have a crush on and she never talks unless spoken to. If you think theyre gonna make a move first youre wrong. Like 4 months would pass by since shes worked here and i rarely talk to her but im gonna try my best to talk to her more, even though i think she hates me.

>If you think theyre gonna make a move first youre wrong.
why they making moves first to the new guy then?

you close yourself off to the world around you and in return people close themselves off to you
you gotta take the initiative to put yourself out there otherwise quit your bitching and understand you cuck'd yourself faggot

>you close yourself off to the world around you and in return people close themselves off to you
this is exactly what im doing, but it doesnt seem to help me.
>you gotta take the initiative to put yourself out there otherwise quit your bitching and understand you cuck'd yourself faggot
Why my new co worker doesnt need to take any initiative then?

Cos you're a bitch who can't stop complaining and they can sense it