Did I do good

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.... No. No you didn't.

What about this

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yeah, you are doing fine user

semi based and redpilled

get noodz post noodz or else you did badly

show us the third pic

What does that even mean?

I'm close. Hold out boys

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prove it. show us the conversation. also, sometimes fun to get sloots to admit they like gangbangs. try it. fun i promise. do it all the time.

God you suck

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Soo...he was behind all that

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>close to nudes
are you defective?

youre almost locked in Sup Forumsro. dont fuck it up now. this is right where i always fuck it up

Got her snap bros.imma send a pic of my/fit/ physique

dont jip us. we require all noodz and freak proof. bet shes an anal freak

Keep this thread tabbed and hold out Sup Forumsros

Trying my hardest not to drop my spaghetti

Sweating buckets

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(/fit/ physique)

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Another way of saying edgy and retarded.

GOT A FUCKING VIDEO LADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


post the 3rd pic ffs

will Op. delivar?

we await your treasures sir


Just a little longer boys. She's playing with herself through her pants. Shots getting me diamonds


come onnnn

well as we know, OPs never deliver. its unwritten law.

but i have faith in this young user.

Won't deliver

If that's your idea of banter then you did terribly.

>people actually falling for this larping faggot

you did get a reply... so you have something going for you

id be happy with more than 1 match per month that isnt a manatee

this is getting good bruh, don't fuck it up. you can close this deal

>post the 3rd pic ffs

>using tinder when you're not rich/white/attractive
You're only setting yourself up for disappointment.

im white and attractive. not rich though. but they dont know that.

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op with the puzza delivery. moar please with sugar on top

Good! Can we get that video??
you gonna close the deal tonight?

is this Laura or Faduma? skin looks a bit dark for Laura? Or maybe she just looks lighter in her profile pic

This sucks. Not even funny.

Oh boy I have a few POF stories that involve manatees

Most.this shit happening live boys

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Those nipples are so nice

She likes much dick boys. Ive never gotten this far before. Spaghetti is at breaching point

>white and attractive and still getting manatees
Congrats on failing life on easy mode. Or maybe you're not as attractive as you think you are.

Keep the spaghetti contained. How's the chat going?

ask her if you can give her the ol' lickeroo

Sent her another dick pic. She said it was hot. Waiting on next pic

Did you wax your chest or are you just lacking testosterone?

you can do this man. keep her on the line.
if she said the pic was hot she's DTF, get that lined up

You're talking like you get allot of matches?

No sign boys. I can only assume she finished after the last dick pic. Hey ho. I did to so no bother

Ok. Now send us the chat log

Face for reference

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I don't believe you

Snapchat bro.chat log disappears.

Anyways.i think the thread has no more input. I'll hit her up maybe Tomorrow.see if she's down for more or for linking up.

Shit who knows. Busted a nut so it's all good

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a mild disappoint

This is a lie, all you incel white boys like user over here: Struggle to get pussy on tinder, me on the other hand chad lightskin user gets atleast one match a day. And doubles his already high body count at 20 years old within 6 months of using the app.

>tl;dr you don't have to be white to be fucking off tinder, on the contrary you should actually be black.

No, the exact opposite. I'm talking like someone who doesn't even bother with tinder because i know what works and what doesn't. And I'm in the latter camp. So if you're not getting any matches besides whales, I'm afraid you're in my camp as well but you just don't know it yet.

Fuck off to another thread if you two wanna circle jerk

sorry im not a hand fetishist, however I like that color on your nails

Thats why I didn't say white AND rich AND attractive. You have to be either white OR rich OR attractive. Typical negroid reading comprehension.

You're just mad because u can't get your dick wet through tinder, meanwhile OP is doing it with ease. Bet you were one of the retards who doubted him at the start fuck you.

Cope harder coomer

based lightskin nigga how do yo get laid off tinder? I get a decent amount of matches, but most seem to be there for validation and not to actually fuck

Where's the third pic faggot

It's an ugly as pic. She Got some like fruit in her mouth. But it's unattractive as shit

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You're just adding white for no goddamn reason. Being white might work for getting Asian bitches, but they are the lowest tier bitches on the planet. Latina's, white girls and black girls prefer a black man. So don't ever try spread that bullshit about being white helping u getting laid. Unless you piping hella asian bitches then enjoy and do you retard.

white women preferring black men is such a myth, stop the Sup Forums trolling for a while. It's just not true, might be in America I guess but not where I live.

Dude, just add some pics that you look cute on then hit them with some savage shit in ur bio. At first I was tryna be funny and shit in my bio but no girl ever commented on it or said anything about it. And I kinda struggled to get a nice conversation going.Then one day I was like fuck it so I changed my bio to "Just tryna get rich and suck some tittys" with the cute blushy smiley face hug emoji. Then girls started hitting me up bro I swear and it just got so easy and straight to the point crazy.


Man, I fucked white women with little to no effort in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. So stop spouting all this bullshit pls.

taking the red pill or, being 'red pilled' is a phrase that originated (naturally) from the Matrix.

The blue pill you stay in the fictional la la land.
The red pill shows you the truth of the world.

MGTOW community has adopted it as a phrase that indicates becoming aware of the true workings of the world, society and especially the workings of male-female relationships and the roles both sexes play in society.

If you wish to really know what the red pill is, you should watch some youtube videos from MGTOW sources (think phrases such as hypergamy, male disposability, etc)

>ypical negroid reading comprehension.
please don't turn this into a BLACKED thread

OP here. He's 100% on this.

My bio used to be some fucking long essay. And I got no matches.

Now it's "I like to eat ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum"

>Currently sitting on 26 likes and 13 matches

If you left your rat infested cali ghetto town, you'll realize that most self respecting white girls don't want to taint their blue eye blonde hair dna with nigger blood. Then again, the roasties you land on tinder aren't exactly self-respecting. They only fuck you because they couldn't get pure white. Ever notice how coal burners tend to be just a little too thick, overly curvy, dirty blonde hair with greasy curls? You're getting the leftovers that white people won't touch.

tio porque hablaban en ingles si estas in Espana?

Great minds think alike OP, instant results with this tactic true cheat code.

Damn who hurt you my man. I bet you're trying to cope with the deep rooted anger you got for your fat mother when she was getting blacked that one night and you walked in on her, by trying to blame his whole race for it. When it was your own whore mother who made a conscious decision to fuck with a simply superior black man.

please you two. stop. there are enough blacked threads. go somewhere else.

Got another chicks snap the other day two. I hit her with the "hey" and shit. After 10 mins of boring convo about fuck all, she ghosted me.

I hit her up 15 minutes later and said "look, I got 7 inches and I just wanna fuck." Her response was immediate. And she just "finally. Same" and dropped her Snapchat

>It's an ugly as pic.
no man, she's cute. I'd smash the hell out of her.

No Espanol amigo

>"look, I got 7 inches and I just wanna fuck."
dicklets will never truly appreciate the advantage guys with above average dicks have. they think they understand - but it is worse than they imagine.

this chick is Spanish, why is she chatting with you in English? Where are you?

Awful lot of projection there. Guess I hit too close to home. I'm not angry at anything, my negro. Plenty of second tier white girls looking to get blacked, no doubt. But if you think that most conservative white girls crave nigger cock, then I've got bad news for you if you ever leave cali.

Don't worry about her she's trying to get some white dick

Brit bong. Don't know why she is in England. And I don't really care why

would use a fake name and poke a hole in a condom to make her pregnant

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Since when is this considered second tier, fagboy? You're the one projecting your incel anger at me, because you get 0 pussy on tinder.

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Lmao she's one burger away from diabeetus.