I want to have sex and stop being a virgin soon. However, there's a problem...

I want to have sex and stop being a virgin soon. However, there's a problem. I am told that sex without condom feels different ( and better) than with a condom. What should I do if I want my first time to be without a condom? Do I say fuck it and I hope don't get an STD?

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Your first time isn’t important just use a rubber you fucking weirdo

Get married first, to a respectable girl.

Just pull out before you cum. Find someone who isn't dirty.

>I am told that sex without condom feels different
It is massively different.
You still shouldn't have it without one if it isn't your gf/wife.
There's like a 100 reasons.

Sex with a condom is still amazing. Especially your first time.

You won't last long your first time, but you will last a least a little longer with a condom.

I used a condom my first time and for all sex until I got married. Sex without a condom is amazing, but I don't regret having used a condom all those times in the past.

Personally I liked Trojan Ultra Thin.

BTW I was a kid in the 1980s when the AIDS epidemic began. So I personally think it is fucking insane to have sex without a condom unless you are in a committed, monogamous relationship and have both been tested.

And if you don't want to have a baby with your partner, it's best to use a condom and birth control for double protection.

>Just pull out
That won't really work, especially not on the STD part

I hear circumcision is like wearing a condom. thanks jews

^I just posted, but I also second this.

^Listen to this guy. "Pulling out" and "finding someone who isn't dirty" is just troll advice. You can't see all STIs, especially not HIV.

Some people are risk takers and some aren't. Some people get off on taking risks or it feels better and some people play it safe. Just know this, you can still get STDs while using a condom. Specifically HPV and herpes can still be contracted while using a condom. I'm not telling you to not wear one and it's a good idea to use one, but they aren't foolproof. If you get into a serious relationship and you trust the other person you can go bareback.

Wear a condom, don't try and convince a bitch that you won't wear the condom, don't let a bird you're not in a good relationship with convince to not wear one either. I wore a condom my first time and boy am I glad

It's not that different in terms of the actual sensation. The psychological aspect of filling a woman with your cum, that part is hard to beat. But the actual sex itself is not as different as most betas will tell you it is.

If you want to replicate the psychological aspect, just find a girl who swallows. Trust me, it's almost as hot. Hotter, in a way, because your cum will drip out of her pussy almost immediately. But if she swallows, it's inside her for days. Millions of your potential children, knocked back like a shot of whiskey, soon to be boiled and digested and packed into her colon until she shits them out. There's nothing else like it.

i say do it without a condom, just make sure the girl doesn't know where u live just incase ;) ;)

Bareback that shit

wear a condom as a virgin you'll love it.

Then later in life when you find someone worth wifing, bare back her,

Its like having sex for the first time but twice in your lifetime. 100% worth

this, and the STD, also change if you not cum for a while, buy enouf and lube

^I like this

Swallowing doesn't do too much for me. I never been with a chick that doesn't swallow. I've been lucky that the chicks I've been with are very submissive and it's pretty much anything goes. Just like every chick is willing to give rimjobs, you just have to be the right dude. Same with anal.

Should i start wearing condoms with my gf to last longer? My 2nd time having sex with her I coomed 3 times in like 5 minutes and on the 4th time going at it I lost my boner for some reason.

this guy must have a pencil dick. No condom has ever not strangled the fuck out of my cock

100% not this

Makes a huge difference. Tight condoms feel like a closed fist around the dick. Takes away like 80% of the fun.

Vasectomy. Got mine done at 21. Havnt worn a condom in 7 years. Every time in my wife. Best thing I've done.

Don't listen to this guy

It's not troll advice. Condoms suck.


Don't see why not. There are viable options for post vasectomy. You can get it reversed with decent results now. IVF. Adoption. And all this can be done on your time when you're ready so you don't end up with an accident baby.

Marry a unicorn?

go in raw that's the law

It feels better without a condom but that's not always a good thing because if it feels better then you'll nut faster. Especially your first time, you'll nut in seconds. Using a condom will help you last longer.

It doesn't matter what anyone says in this thread, you'll just do whatever the fuck you want.

Still, wear a condom, avoid ruining your life. Lots of people are crazy out there and you should only bareback the ones you really trust that they don't want a kid or have any STDs.

Get okamoto 003 or 002 or at least trojan bareskin, way better than basic Trojan and fucking terrible durex condoms (I think they had an ok thin one but its still like the shittiest thin one). If your girl isn't loose AF (or you're too small) they'll be great, if she is then sex will suck with or without condoms lol.

I really liked the feeling of that one Japanese urethane brand, Sagami, but they were too tight and hurt my dick

No need for a condom if you fuck her in the ass or mouth. Everyone knows you can't get them pregnant that way.

Honestly, probably better to use a condom for the first time. That way when you have sex without a condom, it's like losing your virginity twice.

>be in a committed relationship
>girl on birth control
>no sex with men fag
>monogamy with someone who was frequently tested before being with you and came back clean means no STDs
>no condom

First time is irrelevant. You'll fucking suck. Use a condom, get used to having sex and getting laid, then worry about the next step.


That is all that is required to get laid, unless you're a troll, in which case you'll have to pay.

Are u even talkin to bitches yet.. did u not take sex ed in school. Please dont be a product of my taxes..

>IVF. Adoption.
Did you come here from Reddit?

>feels different ( and better)
not really

>to be without a condom
find a girl on pill (also - chances she has partners and potential STD)

>Do I say fuck it and I hope don't get an ST
no, why?
I got STD (chlamidia) the first fucking time I did it raw.
In USA where AIDS and other shit is even more prelevantnt I'd be even more cautious.
fuck that. also chances of impregnation are high as fuck.
I do it with pull-out with current gf, but once after anal like a gallon of cum went into her pussy and we had to get a test, as it only takes a drop to travel to egg and she is pregnant.

trust me - do it with condoms, get a steady gf an then experiment with fucking 1/2 raw and then with condom to cum.

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Why not?

i dont get this condom hype. you live in africa or something where everyone has aids? absolutely every girl here who has sex has been on the pill since 13 and the worst thing that can happend is herpes, and 1/3 of the population already have it without knowing it. out of some 30 girls i have been with one might have given me clam and 2 took abortion pills the next day and another 2 asked me to use a condom. i lost my virgin card going raw and if you dont experience that you are still a virgin in my eyes. yes it is that much better. its the only reason i dont fuck prostitues.

You fucking stupid virgin, you can have sex without condoms and without having to pay a crackhead whore in order to bust your nut
Get a virgin girl, 100% sure

Also, don’t trust bitches who say they take the pill go with your SO to the appointment for the birth control either implant, shot, or iud. Any other form of contraception means it’s not acceptable to say fuck condoms.

>It is massively different.
I have been fucking for 15 years. It is not.
wtf are you on about?
are you american? are you circumcised? Maybe that's the difference?
Cause for me condom or no condom it feels kid of the same, pleasurable all the way.

condoms have one minus - sex when you just wake up is quite amazing and putting it on takes away some horny momentum.

1. Don't sweat it. There is like only 1 STD you can get from your dog.
2. If you are worried take him to a vet and get him checked first.
3. He is a dog, he probably will not even notice you put the condom on him.

Nope. Just figured any retard could use Google to find post vasectomy solutions. Or are you saying it's too expensive? Vasectomy means no kids. No kids means more money when needed. If you can't afford the IVF or adoption you prolly shouldn't have kids anyways.

every single girl I've been with have blowed me (because muh dick aesthetics) and if it is your first time, I'd say - go for blowjob.
Was great for me, was relatively quick, and felt amazing. and since it was quick I got it back up in 10 minutes and we then just fucked.

oh.. and I do not advocate drugs, as they make people fucking stupid, but sex after weed is fooookin' sweet

Using condoms is cleaner. I had to change my mattress a lot because of al the stains when I wasn't using condoms.

My dick cannot stay hard in a condom for more than 10 minutes. Most likely because they are too tight, still means I must raw dog. The upside is I’m in a committed relationship and go to my girls BC shot appointments with her so I can go bare and nut in that bitch.

>What should I do if I want my first time to be without a condom?
tell him that you are ready for raw sex.

Forgot image.

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STD's condom won't stop HPV anyway. Herpes you only get if they are having an outbreak which means you would get it from kissing anyway. Straight male sex getting HIV is 1 in 300. What I learned in mid 30's wish I knew earlier busting in a girl is only 2% chance she gets pregnant.

When the dude is pounding the shit out of your colon I doubt you will be able to tell if he is wearing a condom or not.

Just use a condom you mongloid. Also, towels. It's fucking stressful when the girl "think" she's pregnant and her period is late.

Did you shit the bed? Piss in it? That’s more than just cum. I mean fuck.

Use a condom or just find a woman you THINK you can trust before you do anything it's up to you in the end

It's sperm and cunt juice.

>imagine the smell

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>busting in a girl is only 2% chance she gets pregnant

Makes me wonder if we actually lost WWII. They even put fluoride in the water in the US like the nazis put in the concentration camps water.

I agree. My gf recently got an BC implant. Thought it would change my life. Was kinda disappointed, but her pussy is still fire though

No its fucking not user, and why the fuck do you want towels? Is he about to fuck a sweating pig? Wtf bro
Just fuck the shit out of the girl, its her body, her problem, don't even mind the girl ever for fuck sake

That doesn't pop prevent STDs

You're a dirty asshole user
You and your crackhead gf

you need towels. You really want all those fluids getting on your clean mattress? You really want to live with child support?

jesus christ user

best answer

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You need towels to soak up the vaginal discharge. Otherwise it will ruin your mattress.

Just try to explain to me, a normal human being, how the fuck are you supposed to get fluids passing through the sheets.
Are you some kind of blob tbh?

Is that a trannie?

Been with 3 chicks only one blew me I must have terrible luck

Dude go to the doctor if your cum is a orangish brown color

Boys I swear to you I've never get any kind of fluids coming from a dirty bitch on my mattress, I mean, I have sheets and blankets, do you fuck directly on the mattress to get it infected?

It's mostly cunt juice.

> are you circumcised? Maybe that's the difference?

I think this is the difference. I'm a ruined mutilated cutfag and I would rather not have sex than use a condom. I can barely feel anything without one and I can't even stay hard with one on. Real men who have foreskins probably slide and glide inside the condom as long as it isn't too tight and they also have a whole lot more nerves.

Yeah every gf I also had blew me dude, just try to lead them to do it but not making it obvious, let her believes she WANTS to do it and you'll have yourself a tons of blowjobs litteraly withering your dick.
Which is great, I reccomend it

What the fuck is up with you guys and your foreskin? I'm "uncut" but also I don't care that much about it why does a good 15% of this board fixate in their foreskin

would it matter faggot?

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Because they were cut without their consent.

Never had a girlfriend probably the reason why.

Use a condom it is lower risk and when you finally do it without one it's still "special" aka new. I recommend using skyn brand because they are latex free and cheaper than sheep skin. You don't want to give he an allergic reaction if she's a virgin too. (Latex allergies) imagine explaining that to her parents. I also recommend a disposable vibrating cock ring. The vibrating park goes up unless in doggy style position. In which case make sure it's on upside down and never switch from doggy to missionary with one on. U risk UTI for the female.

Its remarkably different for both parties.

You’re a 12 year old faggot if you believe any of this.


Then for the first one you'll get, I reccomend you to finger her, get close but don't make her cum, you got to feel her limit and be sure not to push beyond that.
Then just make her cum with your tongue, she is gonna be all wet and craving for it so its an ez win
If you've done things well, you don't even have to ask, especially NEVER ask for anything, just do your thing and the chick is gonna tell you if she refuses to do such or such thing. Actually she might be still stunned by the orgasm you just gave her, so just present your dick, and she'll figure out what is appropriate to do
Congrats user you had your first blowjob and if she's kinky she might even go for the extra swallow/facial bonus
French here btw, so you can trust me, I know how to fuck a girl properly

>never switch from doggy to missionary with one on. U risk UTI for the female.

Why wouldn't you if you are going to rotate it? Even if you didn't it's not going in her ass and getting covered in shit. If your girl is clean, it doesn't matter. If she isn't she's been stewing in those germs all day anyway.

Like jews from their family lol

with the right size it works wonders have got to buy 64 mm myself after that no problems, feels the same

>What should I do if I want my first time to be without a condom?
budget for diapers

Not just size, shape is just as important.

Birth control isn’t 100 percent either. Also get a girlfriend first then worry about secks

Get sex, then make it your girl, that's how you do it IRL

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Who cares if you get an STD? Most adults have the viruses that cause herpes and/or warts. Most people have no symptoms.
I fuck sluts and hookers without rubbers and don’t give a fuck.
>neither do they


go to nigger ghetto and fuck an old black street whore

probably smells like a intense negro

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Ugly bitch.

if you have a girlfriend you trust who is on the pill, just go for it. My first was with a condom, wish it hadn't been tho, and fucking raw feels so much more intimate.