State you're job, salary, and age. NO TROLLING EDITION:

State you're job, salary, and age. NO TROLLING EDITION:

>Sous Chef at Wendy's in Boise, ID
>$13.50 per hour
>30 years young

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I literally work food prep in a Wendy's and make $17.00 per hour. 19.

>Sous Chef

$28/hr in your money (NHS, UK)

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>Traffic Planning
>$38 per hour
> 30 years old

> Software engineer
> $140K/yr base, bonus up to $20K, stock grants up to $40K/yr
> old as fuck

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Electrical Engineer, €2990/month, 26


36/hr, night shift

International Sales
98k USD + commission

>Debt collector
>call center
>$15.75/hr, bonus up to $3k
get paid to literally just sit bc most people just hang up


Solution Architect in financial reporting, 32 and £94.6k

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Sr. Software Test Engineer, $87500/yr, 34...kill me

>tfw you are a engineer in big infrastructure projects
>makeas much as if I worked at a fast-food joint in the US
being a thirdworlder is suffering

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> Graduate student in physics
> 34k
> 26

Software engineer at big 4 company
190k total compensation
23 years old

>High school math & physics teacher
>22,17€ (24,57$ for amerifats) per hour
>28 years young

tfw residency

>57k per year
>Assistant Manager at a major national pet supply company

feel free to ask about the weird shit i've seen (i have access to the cameras at every store to do loss prevention)

Wtf, are you me? Exactly the same here bro. What do you run?