You're her now. What would you do?

you're her now. What would you do?

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Have sex with women

play old school runescape

Squat over a mirror and take pictures, sell them online to you bretards and become rich.

find your mother, kill her

Angie is a hottie. .I'd do what she's doing; making a killing with brand deals

She's hot now but she was an utter goddess when she was 14

I mean... fuck

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Go and fuck myself

Try to slim back down to my size as a teen so I can reclaim my status as impossibly gorgeous, instead of having this fat "ghetto-fab latina" ass and body Ive got now.


do either plastic operation to stop looking like an asian boy


do operation to attach a dick

>pussy tat
c... c'mon...


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pics or it's not true

I would slim down those disgusting legs and stop looking so homely

OP said "you're her now".

That means you too bub, go "pics" yourself

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anyone have a download set of her old work?


Besides Angie and Lia, who else are great "old school" thots?

I'd time travel back to 2007 and do all of the things the rest of these faggits have posted they'd do.

Megan T. :^)

I would spread the word of perfume and God's love.

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Jessica Nigiri

Commandeer a battleship

>claire abbot is one
>another one whos name escapes me was huge for a moment, later her face got scratched by a cat and half of it was paralyzed for a long time.
>another little one i just remember as Davina, loads of her stuff still out there
>pic related, cant remember her name

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Whats that website which has most of these thots collections up on it

oof, yes. Claire is a winner. Also, is the girl you are talking about gemma birch?


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She's ok. Any better pics?

Isn't Davina like 50 years old?

>cat-scratch face

it just hit me, good ol' Tabs! Or tabby. forget

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Oh fuck, a truly old school one.

Totally forgot about her and her fucking ferret.

release nudes and spend all her money on dumb shit
im assuming i wont be her forever

oh yeah, cant forget about breebun or whatever her name was.

>davina is 50
pic related is davina. dont think shes 50 even now.

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I dont have any of her illegal stuff because its illegal. Ive intentionally avoided it because its illegal, but thats why people liked her.

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Not who I was thinking of, but I recognize her.

she just mentioned in an instagram story that she plans on getting implants because they're 'saggy and not as full' anymore. still should show off her nips before she does it. shes not even going as big as they used to be, she's staying the same size :(

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also cant forget Emily

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she was like the 1st chick i recall 'usurping' boxxy as queen of Sup Forums

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Either self immolate or take pregnancy hormones so the milkers balloon up. Then see how far I can shoot milk. Then set the world record for Latina milk spraying.

Be a conservative trumptard, obviously.

Angie can't be queen of Sup Forums because she went on national news and shamed everyone on this site.

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Remember? Shit would still be noce had they never allowed them to monitize these behaviors :^)

I remember first hearing her voice and not knowing wtf was going on.
She started crying all ugly and shit

and since that day she's posted thousands and thousands of bikini shots, ass, cleavage, twerking etc etc then goes mental when someone shares them, claiming its 'hurting her law career' ...... ..... .....

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Sit back and play life on easy mode.

She's got her sponserships with Bang and shit, she doesn't really care about her law career.

The person I responded to wasn't talking about Angie.


Mirror, camcorder, lube...

Bullshit there aren't any lewds of Megan

Anyone still have that one legit nip-slip she posted on youtube?

'crying' nope she was smiling/laughing through it. the worst part was ABC who promptly scrolled through the very pics they were condemning, showing the audience of millions angie's bikini selfies

ok boomer

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look at boob

haven't heard anything about that, curious tho

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Oh, boy. This meme has finally reached Sup Forums and it only took like a week. And people actually argue that this place hasn’t turned completely reddit...


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It was years ago. Was all over Sup Forums at the time. IIRC it was during one of her P.O box unboxing videos and someone sent her a skimpy bikini. She bounced around wearing it and her nip popped out for a bit. She posted a video following taking the original down complaining about the reaction.


^This is the correct answer.

>Your are the girl bellow

I'm not quite sure I know what you mean, my friend and original poster. Please do not get me wrong, this is an interesting thread filled with interesting mini-movies about interesting women, but I am entirely unable to come to the conclusion that I am any of these women. I am a man. I have a penis. It's quite a nice penis, or, at least that is what my wife tells me.

Some days I am unsure as to whether she is lying to curry favor, but I do not spend much time dwelling on such insecurities. Sex with my wife is nice.

It is possible of course, original poster, that the technology might one day exist that will allow a person or persons to "merge" with a computer in such a manner that they do, for all intents and purposes, "become the girl in the post below yours", but that in itself carries with it a myriad of issues. Can a being be, in a sense, two beings? If one makes a post, can one simultaneously be that post and the post below theirs? If so, the person below them who made that post, does one immediately share a consciousness with that person, being that both persons are simultaneously that post?

Sadly however, I have so very few answers for these questions, original poster. Perhaps some time when you're around, I would enjoy discussing these with you.

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King detected

Rent myself out to rich men. $25k a week for non stop fucking action.

i'm just waiting for when she just gives in. she complains that people love how sexy she is then continues posting sexy shit cause she knows no other way. just give in

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its been around a lot longer than a week, go crack another ultra monster

look man no one said you have to like tabby

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heard that faggot boomer shit on Sup Forums before anywhere else. this was like several months ago.

I know this is a fake, But a can't be the only one who remembers the youtube nip slip?

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Imagine calling a 23 year old a boomer
>but it’s a mindset!!!
Yeah, I wouldn’t doubt it. Reddit has invaded our likes for years now and it’s only gotten worse. The original post is proof. These basic memes were never band would’ve never been accepted years ago, not even as a shitpost. People below the age of 16 shouldn’t be allowed on the internet. Honest to fucking god.

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She's horrible. She looks like my dog when I pet him and he's side-eyeing me.

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I’m probably going to trigger you a little but pls take that Robert Downey reaction image shit back to tumblr. That’s the only place where he’s ever been relevant and it should stay that way.

this is how she looks nowadays

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i posted the 1st thing i found of her. im not here to provide you pics to jack off too dumbshit. you have her name, go find her pics. if you dont like teen girls with huge tits, you can be gay, thats fine.

>doesnt understand why is a joke to use 'ok boomer' when he said something you would never call someone a boomer for normally.

#1 detwist your panties you thickskulled retard.
#2 reddit hasn't been 'invaded' shit. Reddit has more traffic than Sup Forums by orders of magnitude (and has for many years), it would stand to reason virtually every Sup Forums user also visits reddit from time to time, whether they admit it or not.

Okay. Sorry for being mad that the quality of my go-to image board has gone to shit. I’ll sit quietly and lurk while you continue to ruin one of the few things I still semi-love. Did I mention I’m sorry? I’m so sorry.

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Have you ever maybe had the after thought to just
>go back

get fucked by bbc

this man right here.

never been. give me a tour?

dude I been here for 10 years now. its never been good. there hasnt been a 'raid' since like 07.

Went to shit when Sup Forums/memes went mainstream

Wanna know how I know you’re lying? Because you think old Sup Forums was entirely raids and they’re all documented on YouTube. You weren’t there for all of the stupid anime shit posts. You weren’t there for all the sketchy moments. You weren’t there all the lulz XD memes. You weren’t there for all the wild OC porn that was more than just scat, piss and feet. I’m not saying this to talk down to you, I’m saying it because you try to wear it all like a badge of honor that you never got to receive. You’re opaque and it saddens me. Just nod your head and agree. You don’t have to lie about your tenancy here because it’s all user. Nothing to prove, nothing to gain, yet here you are telling lies to prove yourself in a conversation online.
Man, I give up.


Good. Don’t read it.

Easy there edgelord, you''ll cut yourself

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Yeah, you’re right. I sound stupid.

This but unironically.

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Somebody should record this, it's the first time a Sup Forumstard admitted to being stoopid!

Fuck men to receive free everything and zero responsibility for life.

I would grab some wings and macaroni salad.

As if we need anything else “recorded from Sup Forums”. While we’re at it, let’s just phone up SorrowTV so he can make a video about it and make 500 dad jokes that only entertain teenagers.

whats her name