People you automatically hate?

People you automatically hate?

Pit bull owners

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Indians, Sup Forums anti-indian agenda aside. They are annoying and think they're the shit.

Why vegetarian ?

mexicans, lgtgbbqtgdgwefw39293202 niggers, also vegans, and anyone from fucking south amrerica

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Is this a real question?

wtf... no jews yet.... what is this place



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you hate vegetarians but not vegans?

Hipsters (including indietards)
Metaltards (especially tr00/kvlt/nordfags)
Niggers and mongrels

you hate the US Military, son?

indians seconded

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cat owners.

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white trash from the Midwest/South

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i had a cat ... well my ex wife has a cat, when i read up on taxo plasmosis i no longer wanted a cat.... i got rid of both for similar reasons... they poison your brain and use you

fucking muslim women. the men are bad enough and should all die but these cunts walk around with their fucking hijabs and smug looks like they’re proud to be beaten raped and honor killed. Fucking scum, gas em all.


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the enemy

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The Ku Klux Klan was created by Democrats.


The KKK was created by conservatives, correct. Democrats were the conservatives of that era.

Did I mention niggers?

indians niggers jews vegans cyclists sjws

Kathleen Kennedy

The leading cause of divorce is marriage.

oh boy.

All the faggots itt.

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Have you ever actually seen a nigger who is a purebread, not a half bread that isn't a true subhuman? The white washes out the niggerdom somewhat. However niggers are true sub humans and should remain as such, that is why they are such a scourge of society.

Cuckservatives, I mean the ones too dumb to do any critical thinking and they do so of their dear leader and all the brain washing they receive.

I bet you can't stop spanking it to Blacked vids though, huh?

any "adult" who talks about playing fortnite

guys who act like street racers but drive automatic vehicles

fat girls that wear yoga pants

People who vape constantly and talk about vaping constantly

old people who think they deserve respect just because they are old

anyone who initiates a conversation then stares at thier phone the entire time

Basically all reactionaries.

>anyone who initiates a conversation then stares at thier phone the entire time
this just means you're boring.

Just to be serious. Have you not ever seen one who isn't just a pure nigger. I mean that in the truest sense of the word and one that acts like a human that doesn't commit crime, do all the drugs and deserve to be shot by cops?

>guys who act like street racers but drive automatic vehicles
Automatics are faster. The future is now, old man.



Miserable old people
People who move into exciting parts of town and then complain about the noise and get all the bars and gig venues shut down
Climate change deniers
Anyone who harks back to the good old days.
Anyone who says that their school days were the best days of their lives.
People with no self awareness
And so on.

Automatic transmissions shift faster.

Any girl that wears yoga pants. Fixed it for you.

kids that "automatically hate" vague groups of people based on their personal emotional half-brained connotations

republicans who voted for donald trump
conservatives who call themselves trump supporters
people who think america is any better today with donald trump then it would been with hillary clinton


it's "than", you home-schooled homunculus

a nice figure in yoga pants is always a highlight of the day for me.

Aren't you an edgelord

found the incel.

To be fair, niggers are scum and most blacks are niggers... but i can honestly say that the most genuine, down to earth, nicest person i know is black. This is coming from a very scrutinizingly, non-trusting person.

anyone who has a huge ego and who thinks they are the shit. thats bout it.

wow, it's almost like expecting huge groups of people to all act the same is... dumb.

Fuck em but dont trust em.

But are they a pure bread or a half breed that yearns to be white?

He's an extremely rare exception though. Most blacks fit the profile, otherwise there that profile wouldn't exist.

Um wut

There are the black negroids who just act sterotypical like all the racists describe and then there are the light colored ones who try to act like humans and not shoot everything up and try to act responsible for their race. I just wonder what sub human are we talking about?



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this guy

Any person who dys their hair an unnatural hair color like blue, green, pink, purple etc...

>then there are the light colored ones who try to act like humans and not shoot everything up and try to act responsible for their race.

I believe you are either said light colored or delusional or both.

Majority of the people you are speaking of are girls. Girls are there just to look pretty and operate the few things they can, cooking, cleaning, child rearing. The worst thing liberals have done is pretend they are equal humans beings that should be payed the same.

Anyone who doesn't know how to spell "dyes."

I can almost smell you from here, you disgusting incel.

BAD cops
Niggers (ofc)
Sandniggers (ofc)
EU gypsies
Brits with ugly ass teeth
People who don't take care of their hygiene
Passengers who seat next to me on my daily commute
Junkies with no backstory
Nigger rappers
Everyone who is more successful than me but doesn't deserve it
Kids under 15
Animal rights activists
Annoying gays
Females with armpit hair
Females with bum hair
Cigar-on-public smokers
Chastity-wearing faggots
Entitled bitches

>Muh parties flipped


Not for any political reason, but EVERY SINGLE TIME they see a gun, or a picture/video of someone with a gun, they all squawk "TRIGGER DISCIPLINE TRIGGER DISCIPLINE" like goddamned seagulls. It's like seeing a car and going "OH FORD I KNOW THAT'S A FORD I KNOW ABOUT CARS!"

Light colored half breeds can be tricksters, but you must remember it is the white half that is trying to be human and like a normal citizen. Don't be fooled, it is the black half trickster that is fooling the white half that black people aren't inferior beasts that should be enslaved or killed on sight.

Any dog owner but especially yappy dogs and pitbulls.



People who are into fashion/fashion trends.

muh distancing myself from my historical forebearers so I don't look like what I am or what people accuse me of being.


Lol you mad at life

Agreed. Sad part is we gave niggers guns, but they make about 4 bastard children for every nigger they kill with those guns. We need a better solution to niggerdom.

Lol stay mad at life.

I hate shoe guys.
Not just niggers, there's plenty of wiggers and whiteys that buy expensive-ass shoes and I can't fathom how the fuck these people have the money for this shit.


you're a retard

People who speak Mexican

stay mad at half the population of the planet, weirdo.

Single mothers
Bonus if the child is mixed

Females with arm pit hair or butt hair?

In my opinion females shouldn't have ever been taught the notion that they need to have hairless (unatural) bodies and use makeup (unatural).


Who made the shoe guys? Who made expensive things out of your price range fasionable? None other than the people who produce the records of rap. Lets follow where it comes from, people who are well meaning, they listen to rap, get into criminal activitiy and then spend all of their welfare on shoes. It's a cycle of culture who buy expensive cars, don't raise their kids and spend all their money on expensive things jews told them to buy. Jews are always to blame. Don't pretend otherwise. Jews are pure evil.

sure, user, it's always the jews.

I was going to say this. Sneaker guys who think their soo cool for their sneaker collection and wear a different shoe everytime you see them.

Girls are clowns, that is why they wear makeup.

jesus fucking christ go back to pol you chinless cracker

There is a jew amongst us. Tell us how your bar mitzvah went?

I totally agree on the makeup one but about the hair next time u go fuck a girl and she busts out a fuckin forest from her armpits and asshole remember this bread Sup Forumsro

Mongolians, Niggers, Indians. Feminists.

Top kek

Ok tranny

Half the population dyes their hair colors that are not naturally found in humans like green, pink, purple, blue etc..?

Lol you mad.

Also, (((journalists))).