Celeb Thread - /Sticky 4 Vicky/ edition

Celeb Thread - /Sticky 4 Vicky/ edition.

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no u

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Tay or Vicky.. who to choose?

You need help taking care of that big guy?~

God I love you mmmm

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Let your heart guide you, user. Or something else.

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u know I gotta do it

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needy for beedy edition :3

dadfu dadfu where are you?

oh my dik

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Another day,
Another guy with a gf who says he’ll come over and fuck my mouth while he watches porn but never shows

What else is new

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Vicky it is... mmmm

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That's why we can't have nice things

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I think Tay thread.

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Wow so hot

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Proof of what? What did I miss?
Also, JJ nudes when?

Love it making my dick hard

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No, YOU.

Good idea. :]

I think I have an idea of what to do. :3

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck, mmmm, you too!

^ - ^;

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u know the boi hadda do it to em

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You sound pretty experienced... But if you do want some help I am more than willing cutie


Mmmm Fuck yes! Our dicks mmm

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you're her now. What would you do?

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:3 just teasin ya

^ _ ^

errybody want the bee dee pee pee

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How I know it was gonna be that one? c:
JJ gonna steal my heart with all that qt

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Aubrey is gorgeous. She will never beg me to fuck her from behind and cum inside her. I should just kill myself.

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I'm not really fapping, I'm trying to wait until day 7 like I did last time, it was fantastic! n u n

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Is stroking to your own posts like a drug dealer getting high off their own supply?

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Tay makes my mouth water for dick

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That cozy natural jj is best jj

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Yes, bad business

I'm stroking to all Tay posts, so it's like we're sharing.

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What are you going to do about it?

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Same, tbh.

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Well you just let me know~ :>

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I like that.

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>having trouble finding dicks to suck
You really suck at this
Rip ruskibro

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Because you have top tier qt taste :p

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nope. and professional hint: "they" all do get high on their own supply. it's like 70% the reason "they" do it. lol. fap away young nigga

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Beg someone to put their big strong love pump in my mouth

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Mmm delish

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I've had to resign to fapping to my own pics many times before, it's shameful and humiliating. T n T

=^ - ^=y I will!

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Sharing is caring.

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I would worship those yummy feet

what happened to russiabro?

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i know what you are trying to do and it isnt going to work lol

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Mebbe u tell me someone I should get some pics of... You know just in case? :>

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if..i'm warned, then...WHO IS THAT?

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Pretty mean

What is it about her that makes me want to be a submissive sissy for her amusement

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Rip ems
Rip Kateanon
Rip ruskibro
Rip greek nina poster

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We're in this together now.

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>What is it about her that makes me want to be a submissive sissy for her amusement
A Goddess brings out a person's true nature.

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>Rip ems
>Rip Kateanon

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rip the homie
didn't know him but still, got 2 pay respects

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I'm fucking her.

It's good to have a friend...

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I will hold you PEEPO.

God I fuckin love aubrey

Mebbe... Elle Fanning or Emma Roberts? o u o

Just in case!

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And it feels good, too.

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Rip :>
Rip Chad
Rip Beedy
Rip Dfu

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Tiny titties.

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Emma Roberts pangea

Oh wao, ty
That must be why I'm so drawn to you ehehe
also stealin this tysm

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It's great to have someone to share experiences with.

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Is that fucking Grimace?

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who doing what?

I feel like I don’t know anyone here anymore
All my friends are dead
Maybe it’s time for me to pass on to the grey havens of the beyond as well

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mebbe he just doesn't own a river fanboat

he was/is the main bbc poster lol. him and beadz. #nowyouknow. still tho him and I had some good Emma/coffee sesh's

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cute vj

Cute but not a celeb, and I don't care if you think otherwise

RIP to those tits she cut off

The best type of friends are ones who help you feel good.

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