ITT we design Sup Forums car

ITT we design Sup Forums car.
>dubs: you may add a feature
>trips: you may add or remove a feature
>quads: design gets scrapped
>quints: we hire a Chinese man, which copies Audi 80

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Car has a bumper

Invent a car seat that you stick your dick into, and it milks you dry as it auto drives you to work

Say goodbye to road rage

Dubs get

One more try

Big ole swastika on the car

hot plate and coffee maker combo built into dashboard

Cock 'n Balls hood ornament

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7 turbos and big ass Vtech sticker on the side

The wheels are square

i think a super long cock and balls antenna would be much more aerodynamic
we gotta be mindful of that ya know

It instantly kills you.


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sorry mate that already exists, its called Tesla

So far we have a dick milking seat and a cock and balls antenna
Should we go for 3/3 and have the antenna shoot cum milked from the seat?

Steering wheel is in the back, there is a glory hole in the front left door. It has a spoiler.

Swastikas on doors

Uff, Ok.

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Fucking hate spoilers. Rolling to remove it

Holy shit, magnific, this thread is blessed!

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lets double up the trunk space by putting the engine in the passengers seat

how about we compromise and use the spoiler as an extra rear bumper?

Automatic running over niggers.

Nah, my roll failed. Your spoiler stands. As does the glory hole lol

can we get one of those hydraulic arms on garbage trucks on the passenger side so it's easier to pick up chicks?

Exhaust goes inside.

Shit. The gods must really want that glory hole / spoiler package

If dubs again, install a rod (in dick shape) that extends to flip motorcycles that split lanes or zoom past on the shoulder

this but instead of dick its a leg for tripping motorcyclists

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Yeah I want this

plz tho

i was thinking of something more like a super long whip antenna like pic related, though placement on vehicle doesn't matter

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Shit and blood splattered on the car

this but the interior of the vehicle rather than the exterior

Unreal thread. No wheels btw it’s a hover car

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Hood ornament is now a fedora.

roll for bigger more impractical swastika

Beautiful half-naked aryan woman in the back


Dudes, this is sick. Only thing that would make it better is if the wheels were actually barrack obama

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Delete everything



Rolling again

Car has nitrous

Unicorn on the roof



Car rides on roof using jet engine

Nigger bike on the hood

Paint the entire car the GDR flag

Scrap fucking design and hire chinese man

more swastikas on the rims

Swastika rims

Scrap design

Helicopter wing on the roof

Spikes on tires

Remove this feature

Deployable helicopter rota on the BOTTOM


Has legs

scrap all


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Wankel motor

Swastika on wheels

Rolling for this

It's an electric car

it has some dope spinners

shaped like cannabis leafs

Rolling for making the swastikas spinners


Roll for adding a big ass plow in front

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the ghost of michael jackson driving the back steering wheel

Paint the car the lgtbq flag

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Paint the car with the trans flag.

This is Sup Forums after all.

So close

Comes with a government issued waifu

Comes with a Russian grandma in the back seat to make you cookies.