Fatty hate thread?

fatty hate thread?

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How 'bout obese negress hate thread? I know there is a large volume of disgusting pictures of large negresses out there, so I will start.

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theory i just came up wiht :
fat people with unassuming names think they look good because their name good ?

Also relevant to the fat black female creature theme:

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And just to keep the ball rolling, MERRRY CHRISSSTMAS, niggas...

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Shooting for the hoop. Is this thread truly dead?

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When I look at fat people, I always wonder how long it would take for them to burn. You know, like whale blubber lamps n’shit.

Fortunately, due to the constant bombing of rail lines and what-not, most of the already-skinny inhabitants died of typhus and starvation long before their "liberators" showed up.

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We should put the fattest person in town in a barrel on a building and burn them like a candle.

Everyone could see the fire, and this would make fat people afraid.

Fat people need to be afraid in order to stop eating when their body does not need food, their boddies are screaming at them to stop, but they keep jamming food in their faces.

When they hear the screaming from the lard candle, maybe they would stop

Imagine how long it would take to burn this individual. I'm sure he would burn like a lamp for a long time, depending on where you set the wick, but really, fat people would surely take longer to burn than skinnier ones, no? It seems logical.

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Okay retard

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My hobby involves photoshopping landhwale sinto humans again.

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Can you do me? ;-;

Wasn’t it like 3-4 years ago people who did this were triggering tumblr? I died laughing at that shit.

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This is now an Amberlynn Reid thread.

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Yep. Project Harpoon with the hashtag #Thinnerbeauty

It was epic.

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Do you think she's sexy?

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I cant stand women who do the whole "I like working out and dont care about losing weight"

One of the girls I went out with does this. She goes to the gym and lifts weights and while it tones her body a bit she say" I dont care if I love weight I wanna be healthier" Its just a cop out to not having to do cardio or failing. i used to think this way when I was fat. Used to try to be proud of myself. Got called fat one day and hit the gym for the next three months. Lost 60 lbs. Body felt great, confidence was amazing and looked good. This world of be happy as yourself if fine for people who literally cant change.

That one was a challenge.

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>We should put the fattest Jew in town in a barrel full of oil and them burn them like a candle.
Fixed that for you.

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That reminded me of the time we spammed tumblr with gore and sick shit (to them). One an hero, and harmful triggering. It was fucking beautiful.

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I've also lost weight, but around 200 pounds. I exclusively do cardio. It's so hard on day one and I'd never go back to day one and try to convince myself to do it because I'd sound like a tool to my old self.

It's about personality. You're either the type of person to lose the weight or you aren't. You either have it in you, or you die like that. Food addicts are still dirty disgusting addicts who will make every excuse not to get clean.



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It’s pathetic that you had to spend 3 months in the gym to feel good about yourself

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Go on then.

ok fatass

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You all are just butthurt that none of these women would date you, lol.



wasting your time, they have taken over.

Jews go into hiding when they smell another jew burning, they claim to be "American" or "Russian".

Maybe if we put a bank in each town with a air tight "financial advice" booth.
The money truck could take the boddies out discreetly

always Russian, aboriginies do this too

You missed that Chunky Kong sized hand of hers in the picture on the right.

Someone somewhere believes this and although they do not know or appreciate it, they have my pity

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I don't feel that the game is over yet, and not even close, and I'm okay with relying on the Russians against the Chinese.

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kek only if they cats.

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Russians really are different from Westerners, but that doesn't mean we can't be allies. We have been historical allies for more than a century, and that has to count for something. I'm Canadian, btw.

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It's funny how you can spot a fatty just by what parts of their body you CANT see, like bones

So... you can spot a fat because they're fat?

big brain time boys

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gross don't get us started on fat brains.

Jesus fucking christ, just imagine how painful would be for this hoes to see this shit. I'd go nuts if I were a fat roastie.

Lurk more newfag


Kek 2

Kek 3

I dunno, Sup Forums isn't exactly the pinnacle of humanity, we are respected even less.

Sorry to ruin ur little bitter hate fantasy but if someone photoshopped me skinnier I'd thank them, not have a crisis. peace

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I am not a skinny man. I'm 5'8" and 220lbs, and that's something I work to improve. I'm actually down from 245.

I have never been so fat that I couldn't see my own dick. I've had a gut, but I've never had it hang over my waistband. I don't understand how that even happens. If I got so fat that I couldn't see my own dick, get out of a chair on the first try, or run up a flight of stairs without stopping to catch my breath, I'd probably just stop eating entirely. I would hire someone to scream at me all day whenever I'm not exercising. I would destroy every chair in my house and replace them all with exercise bikes.

How does anyone get that fat?

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then use it to catfish pathetic cucks on here.

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go keto ma nigga, you'll drop below 190 in less than a year easily

Fuck off back to pol, we're hating on fatties.

I feel like the women in these photos should really see them. Maybe if they saw their fat acceptance standard of beauty next to conventional beauty they'd be motivated to go for it.

What happens when I get dubs?

Her stomach looks like it just ate a surprise sour candy

Speaking of

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I'm broke as fuck. Half of why I've lost so much weight is that I can't afford enough food. I just gotta be careful to keep my portions small when/if I stop being this broke and buy something with nutritional value

My diet lately has been heavy on chicken, rice, eggs, and simple meat/cheese sandwiches.

There is this morbid obese person at my work and she's in physical therapy for a bit.. Wonder what for hmmmm

this is Sup Forums, or anorexic fags

keto isnt expensive. really stuff like chicken is what is going to be costing money, cabbage and other vegetables are usually dirt cheap

honestly sounds like your half way there allready. just cut out the rice / bread and obviously dont eat or drink anything with sugar in it

These are actually pretty impressive. Well done

Funny you say that. One the women in the photo reacted saying she thought is was laughable and cartoon looking.

She's been so used to her balooned form she can no longer accept what a normal version of herself would look like.

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I'm fat and make 200k but still hate myself for being fat and unable to change.

Imagine the smell

Man, the denial runs deep. Just about all of these seem like attainable bodies. Maybe they wont get that thin, but they should be able to get close.