I'm so sick of feeling like nothing matters. I want to explode and cause so much chaos...

I'm so sick of feeling like nothing matters. I want to explode and cause so much chaos. I'm tired of losing all the time and being a nice person.

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I want to hurt and kill and not care about others but I know I will regret it. Like when you gorge knowing you've eaten too much.

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Nobody cares either. They are shocked when people like me disrupt the norm. But it should have been obvious.

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Sounds like you are completely useless. How about, you start maning up and take your life into your own hands. Dont blame others and dont be a niceguy.

Nothing matters this is all for nothing. I'm a pathetic loser in a meaningless reality.

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I'll just let it build up then let it explode. Then I can be the biggest man.

>maning up and take your life into your own hands. Dont blame others
hey boomer.... if you're nice person you wont get far. the current system caters to assholes and people that exploit others... trough monetary or emotional means

You're an emo faggot then, if you wanna be evil, killing is the less funny thing you can do.
Seriously that sucks, you sound like a virgin that cant get laid, go bust a nut and then stop trying to be dark on Sup Forums

Nice normy meme.
If you work hard and look after your self first you will be less pathetic.

> current system
That's how things have always been. It's called survival of the fittest.

>work hard
something that never paid good.... look at all the 'work hard jobs' and ho wmuch they pay...and don't fucking tell me to open a business cuz its a definition of exploiting others. met few 'nice guys' business owners... didn't last long

yeah except the times where people lived in smaller communities and the negative traits will not be tolerated by the group cuz it harms the group.

Suicide is always an option.
Fucking empathy begging bitches crying about life, living in the most wealthyest and peacefull area of human history.

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. If you don't want him to become a shooter, don't shame him. If he has issues with being a virgin, the last thing you should do is tear him down for not getting laid. That's exactly what makes people like him snap. It's psychology 101, dipshit.
To OP: Just buy a prostitute. There should be some version of backpa ge.co m where you live. Hire an escort, and get it over with.

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If are going to explode and cause chaos, why not just learn how to be an asshole and exploit people, you stupid faggot? Or go shoot up a school. No one will be surprised and no one will care in a few months. We know and you know that you won't do either of these things. You are a vapid waste.

Fair enough. I had not considered that. Thanks for improving my worldview. +1. Still, I think exploitation has always been a thing, just not to the degree it is today.

who said i wanna an hero... i live my life without contributing to the shit system that's all.. there is no way of doing it being nice without getting butt fucked

lol you never had a fruit fly infestation then

>Still, I think exploitation has always been a thing, just not to the degree it is today.
ofc it was, but now we literally reward that behavior and admire it... shits fucked

You dont want to be nice. You want to get all the things you desire without having to stand up for your self. /Niceguys would be great for you

Objectively speaking, you're correct. Nothing matters. The universe and everything in it is temporary. Once it ends, there will be no evidence that it ever existed. We're essentially living inside a fart that will, in time, fade and, with nobody around to smell it, be forgotten forever.

Again, fair enough. I don't disagree with you.

uhm, i don't want shit

First of all thats bold of you to assume I dont want him to flip and become a shooter, that would be amazing to be responsible for this

Secondly tbh, he really sounds like he fucking can't get laid, and acting like an emo on some edgy board doesnt provide anything for him, so seriously OP, just let go all of the darkness out of youf heart, and just love yourself, and be evil, but dont kill people, thats what a whitetrash would do, thats lame dude

I'm not a virgin but I haven had sex in like 5 years


Just be selfish, evil and live your life dude, what is even the problem here seriously?

I wanna die but I'm to much of a coward. I dont wanna live I'm worthless

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problem is op is not a fag and is right... being nice just gets you fucked.

I'm not a virgin I've had 2 gf that I was with for 2 years each and I haven't had sex in 5 years

Well thats it dude, you're just frustrated and you shouldn't hate or blame the world because of that
Tbh you should just dont really give a fuck, live your life and if a cutie comes by, try to smash her, if you fail, then move on to the next

I've never understood why having sex with someone was such a big deal and was causing such sadness and pain, why is it the case?

I still feel regret and have empathy.

I agree on that and thats why I call him to be evil and living fine with it
I agree with you being good is just naive and is getting you a lot of obvious backstabs

>be evil
i just dgaf, not sure if this is the same tho

I dont feel this way because I haven't had sex in a while. I'm sick of the nothingness and want to be the best me that I can think of. But I'm objectively a loser. I cant pull myself out. I live my life how I want but it isnt helping either because I'm not living it or I'm not aware what I want. Either way everything is meaningless and it doesnt matter. I'm just a coward.

I try my best at not giving a fuck but I do. I dont want to but i still do.

Well I can understand that 'cause I guess we all felt those feelings one day, but if you wanna get rid of them, you should try to see yourself as the center and the only thing that matters in your universe, all is important is you, your happiness and pleasure.
Do whatever it takes to have these things that makes you happy and don't really consider anything else, since it makes you feel good, it was worth it

Then you'll make it user, it may takes time but remember that what you experience as empathy, remorse, regret are just weak emotions. Tbh they're not any good for anything except for making you feel bad, just get rid of them, they're participating to make you feel like everything is worthless and empty

You are in no way obligated to deal with other people's dickery. It does not make you a dick when you identify someone as a selfish asshole and treat them accordingly. Don't become a mass shooter because you don't have the confidence to say no and set boundaries.

How old are you and why are you convinced that you're a loser even though you're probably too young to have achieved anything great?

Thats the funny absurd part about life. Its all up to you to make a change. And its not easy at all

Nothing matters.

Unfortunately that’s true, and so you have to find your own meaning.
Again, unfortunately the only tool you’re normally given for happiness is love, which is hard to do.

Find a passion, a hobby and a job that makes you not want to kill yourself, or at-least one that you can deal with while you push for what you love.

You can find love in your family, friends or a significant-other, but those are fickle and prone to change, so only rely on those if you can handle loss.

Life is meaningless.
Don’t call out for help, nor for an answer to your purpose, because you won’t get one.

You can choose to make a difference, even if it’s hard right now.

Everything seems bleak and fucked because it is, but there’s still room to play with what you have while you have it.
You can see, you can hear and you can move.

Keep going.

Make a small change.
Buy a book and learn a skill, maybe try some bicep-curls.

No-one owes you anything; it’s not their fault - but at the same time, fuck them if they’re not playing ball.

Be the change you want to see.
Give people a reason to like you.

You’ll be fine, faggot; it’ll click into place when you accept you’re the impetus.

Look, Im about to jack myself off for a bit then I'll come back there and discuss with you guys again, I like that thread

Completely agree. Well spoken

And if you’re being genuinely nice and it’s not working, find other people to be nice to.

Be pleasant to the cunts when you see them, but don’t bother with them.
Don’t even consider them.

Find people worth being nice to; they’re out there.

its easier than that, at least for me... just do w/e the fuck you want... every day... all day...

I'm 27

Why make a change if it's all for nothing?

Within reason.

You need a decent foundation to start doing what you like - usually financially.

I’m not sure if this guy is in school, which if that’s the case then he should push for his studies, because he’ll be better off for it in the long-run.

This might seem corny, but it’s a nice video and it’s helped me at the moment as I’m going through similar shit: m.youtube.com/watch?v=Aaz4jdlqhSk

I'm 27 and have a full time job making $18.50 an hour. I set up machines for machinists. I live in my van by choice.

>You need a decent foundation to start doing what you like - usually financially.
no you don't its a simple state of mind/mental gymnastics... you have to understand you are a master of your own world. and you can change shit as you please... 1st don't be a dumbass and choose things you 'want' to do from things you can't do... like own a ferrari. thats stupid. look at the things you can do and choose shit you want to do... you don;t want to work? find ways around it. if you live in NA this should be easy as fuck.

I've seen this before but it distracts me from life for a few minutes so thanks

If it was so easy we wouldn't have a homeless epidemic

uhm, are you an addict?

Who think was him...?

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I’m from the UK, so I’m not sure if that’s good there.

Just under three times the minimum wage as far as I know, so that seems pretty good.

Living in your van is fine.

My only current motivation right now is the hope that I may find a lasting one in the future, which seems like a Catch-22, but it’s what keeps me going.

I’ve tried my hand at most skills and fields because I’m not sure; they all seem interesting to me.
My passion is learning new things, so maybe I’ll find a way to turn that into a job someday.

I’ve never found a true single passion, so I made versatility my passion until I do.

You have to change something - usually something that involves or will affect other people.
The fact that you think chaos is the answer tells me you know that, but you also know it’s negative.

You got the premise but missed the objective.
Make someone else’s life better, either through direct interaction, like going out for a beer with friends, or by creating something to share with others.

If that doesn’t work, keep changing things until it does.

The law of averages is there.