Waifu when

waifu when

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Very rarely

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i was about to say
waifu never

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waifu Yui Hirasawa
waifu Jules
waifu Utaha

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waifu hi

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Waifu part-time and maybe some longer shifts on the weekends

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waifu hello there
waifu night shift
waifu gun

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waifu good evening there

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Post sis
Waifu lack of circadian rhythm

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waifu naga here

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waifu having a good day?
waifu lack of a reticular activating system
waifu nigga there

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ok retard

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what happened to the patreon thing, are you okay?

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waifu yo yo yo

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ti bato
waifu more or less

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ti foulaw

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Hello Hello, it's quite late I might fall asleep anytime soon.

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Nice sis.
I had to look up what that was.
I am pretty sure that is not the sleepo beepo poster.

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wait a second, i recognize you.
you're that thief, aren't you?
waifu Tsugu
waifu how are yo
waifu doing chill eating yummy
nice dubs, you should sleep now before sleep has you
it's important! apparently..

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how are things now?

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>I am pretty sure that is not the sleepo beepo poster.

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NEET, moving out soon
any open positions I can apply? and how's you

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meeeh, not too bad
hello and sleep tight if ya' doze off

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waifu same
mhm new positions soon actually.
im okay, already dreading the holidays..

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not too bad is not that bad, is it?
waifu lewd picture

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yeah, just smoking and chillin out.
i cant really think of anything to plaaaay though

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waifu barely

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post more legs

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whats everybody doing on this lovely day?

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You evil fuck, I know where that's from.

smoking is nice. i hope you're doing good ol' legal tobacco and not the devil's lettuce.
you should play... Minecraft
waifu okay sorry

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waifu good

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applying now.
for the seasonal depress or the rush?

stoned and losing virtual money in vidya

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dont hate me, i do both. but i just have tabaccy rn. i cooould play minecraft but i dunnoo
what vidya ya playin mr stoner

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the stress of social things..

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Escape from Tarkov

god I'm glad my extended family lives hundreds of km away

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we could play together!!

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not fair..
i should be the one that moves really far away but it's scary..

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that would make me super nervous, i mean it's stupid, but i get anxious even meeting people online.
huh, thats the kind of game i imagine to be what all those famous youtubers play. is it really popular?

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just take a shot of liquid courage
but i understand, no pressure.

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i wanna play too!

yippie for being socially inept!

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Just join :D

you're invited
so when can i come over to your house?

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i mean if it happens and they allow others,sure!

you just need more confidence bro

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I was the one to move :)
then my actual family moved closer so I'll be moving with them. the only choice I can make really with no income

i don't think a lot of popular youtubers play it, I know GeneralSam and Aqua play it.
the game has become more popular since the last update if anything

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Now you're invited
Play as you want
Have fun

oh my, this relationship is moving quite fast
ahh i know, i think im just shite at building it up
thats good its getting noticed

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yeah.. better than being homeless for now i guess

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do you attempt to bring yourself out of your comfort zone at all?

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smol legs

Getting excited over something helps become more social than I would normally be.

maybe not as much as i should?

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Who think was him...?

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youre right, i mean, i always lurk in Sup Forums, but i thought these threads looked really chill so i tried to join in. i guess its an example of that

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get excited in playing Minecraft with strangers

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it can get really reaaaally fun
until everyone moves on and leaves you behind

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well, there you go. i'm sure you know it and been told a buncha times, but getting out and gaining experience is the only way.
obviously it is a lot easier said than done, i'm pretty much in the same boat.

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ive made a pretty shit first impression but uh... i guess i could?
being assertive is definitely tricky for me. nice to know im not alone though

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ah, you were fine. don't worry
okay, my IP address is

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do a minecraft realm trial
30 days ez

woah that's a lot of furry porn on your E drive

Sure, it's just easier to talk to people like this. In real life it depends time and place. Best of luck to you.

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already spent
hahaha, lucky for me i'm too stupid to afford multiple hard drives

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you can have my hard D drive (:

thanks, how big is it?

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plenty big to keep you happy

ah, so like 12TB? maybe even 15?

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you want to be really happy huh

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its probably some simple mistake on my side, but i cant actually connect... im assuming its the default minecraft port number?

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5 has already gotten a bit too small for me
heh, well, that's probably because i gave you a local IP address. i don't think i'll give my actual IP over here but if you have an alternate form of contact, i'd be happy to invite you

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ahh... do you got discord perhaps?

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sorry, i didn't mean to belittle you
yes, i do. Chi-chan#6911

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can i add too (:?

yeah sure

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anime girls who are canonically in a relationship can't be waifus


Why am I tired today

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Not enough monster energy.

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It may have been boomer juice abuse tbh

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Time to go to rehab, boomer.

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