New celeb bed

New celeb bed

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It's okay to be gay when you're doing it for Tay.

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rare and dubs

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pls dont tease me you know i like your daughter

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My vj when young


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Oh thank God, I was worried for a second.

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Just woke up

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princess vj

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showing some cleavage

She's a good wholesome independent gurl who don't need no user

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coffee tiem

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i have 1 photo of her

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omg...I'd bury my face in her ass

i know, but she has needs


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Emna tiem

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just gonna drink some :3

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haiz make me hnnnnggggg

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my MIL


best tiem
what an absolute angel
ggboi makes me HNNNGGGGGGGG

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that fuggin video of taylor asking what you think of each of her body parts makes my pp do things that belong in the olympics

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any of kendall?

do it for ana

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Go on...

And not one of those needs has even a crumb of naughtiness

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no u tho

that might be the best vid I ever watched in my life

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>do it for ana
ana inspired me to explore the lifestyle

Sign me up

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only one I have of him

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balls in my mouf :3

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we will just hold hands for now



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There can never be enough emna

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Where did all the Taybros go?

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That's a fit lil bitch. I'd love to smack her around during sex

I need that slut and her lil girl at the same time

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Dream queen

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Right here ready to do anything for her

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she'd smack you around, pucci

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Love to double titfuck her

what lol

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That sounds perfect. You can hug her too I guess..

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kek that pic, good ol 4chun image randomizer
and he means the swinger lifestyle

Good to see you. It's much better to stroke for Taylor with a friend.

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Wish I could've been fucking Tay from behinhd whilst they took that photo. They could've shooped me out, I'd be there just to make her have a hot expression on her face

ill give her a nice tight hug from behind

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this is not an Ana :V

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She'd be a good girl and submit.

BAD EMMA 2000+19

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why would a big tiddy professional athlete submit to you lmao

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Taylor demands cum.

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Cause she don't make as much money as me.

Just don't hug too tight..

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It's what sluts like her want. Being a fit, strong, powerful, beautiful celeb is difficult. Their fantasy is to submit to a guy who sweatily plays osrs for horus a day. I'd (quite generously) let her wrap her tits around my cock & jerk me off whilst I do barrows runs.

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Can I hug you too tight?

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