What's the deal with Blues having so much power?

What's the deal with Blues having so much power?

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If they were actually colored like that they'd have no power. Jew's "power" comes from their ability to infiltrate. Take away that and they have nothing.


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I'm really enjoying that this bothered you to the point that you photoshopping them blue.

anyone have the webm of the breakdown of how ford was actually a guy in a fake body suit and it shows the burp and exhalation of hot air that travels through the face part of the suit?

Probably because they've been around the bush before and they have a little bit of a better understanding on how things work

it looks kind of funny.
Yello' would have been better. It would also start a porn war again.

They don't... the right wing is just to incompetent to get anything worthwhile done. Its the exact same in the UK and Australia.

agents of Tzeentch

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really makes me think...

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Oy vey! Dis is literally anuddah Prospero!

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Those evil aryan space wolves shoah'd our promised land

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>Canadian supreme cost justices dress like Santa

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(((Kissinger))) is the final boss.


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So is Sup Forums a "militant encrypted neo #Nazi channel" now? Seems epic.

It's smart, very good campaign. Lefty cultists can call it whatever they like, they are 1.4% of the US population, but it would seem like they are 50%+ in the spheres of influence they have infiltrated.

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It also calls out the jew's shapeshifting, because if their skin was always blue they would be too obvious

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I got banned on reddit for posting this


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these disgusting fucking blews tking over our country

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funny seeing a fellow merchants guild spy around these parts

On a global scale, Kissinger is just some early to mid game, end of level boss.

Here is a unique spawn/heroic creature that you would expect to encounter while farming/grinding through such a level.

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>being worth trillions

money's everything. it buys you policy, people, places, wars.

He's the dungeon boss of the North American continent. You have to beat him to get the airship so you party can go to Europe.

Yeah, where you have to finish the boat level/event, like in super mario!

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This has been an awesome idea! Kudos!

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