I live in a dead end street and a neighbor is consistently parking near the end of the street so that he blocks 1, 2...

I live in a dead end street and a neighbor is consistently parking near the end of the street so that he blocks 1, 2, or even 3 cars, and doesn't give a flying shit!

Any ideas of what should I do to mess with his ride?

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Sugar in the gas tank

Brilliant idea, but how would I open a locked gas tank? :(

When I was in my 20s I knifed all 4 tires. Cameras tho

spray paint would be a hoot. or you could always take a dump and put it on the hood

with a steel drill-bit and a cordless drill

Why can't you just ask him nicely to stop doing that? Maybe he's a moron, some people are oblivious and need to be reminded to consider others.
Your objectives should be, not necessarily in this order:
>getting him to stop parking like a chinese woman
>maintaining a healthy relationship - as in, if you start a pissbaby fight and don't intend to smash his skull, then you're in for a long road of being annoyed by petty faggot shit. Better to just get along and pretend to be friendly than have a dude fucking with you.
>not be a bitch about it
And failing those, punch him in his face until he stops doing that.

Sugar in his gas tank would do the trick but is also kind of a bitch move. I would only do that after exhausting other options, including talking to him like an adult or beating him on his lawn in front of his fat wife.
I know this part sucks, but imagine you were the one being retarded, how would you want someone to handle it?
If you're planning on moving then go nuts, but if you need to be there awhile, consider the overall situation before short term teenager shit.
Also post some pics of his wife.

There are cameras of course, and only one place with a blind spot if we rule out the neighbors (would hope that they are asleep)

i'd rather just scratch it

too much noise

you think half of the neighborhood hasn't asked him nicely?
i even threw a psychotic hissy fit over this, he still does not fucking care

agreeing on the part of war with a neighbor not being good.

it's not a lawn, it's a residential building ~~'

not planning to move, I own an apartment

his wife's a fat old hag. rip.

follow him to work, kidnap him, rape him repeatedly until he falls in love with you

why not toss a bunch of bleach or volatile chemicals all over the car

ill fuck you till you love me faggot

seems legit

what would bleach do to his paintjob?

i'm glad someone knew that reference, my nigga
sign him up for nambla mailing lists and tons of gay porn, especially black gay porn. Add a shitload of christian literature as well.
It's been awhile but i remember there being a few sites that consolidated a bunch of obnoxious lists to add people to that were pretty good. The christian ones are easier to bug people with than the gay shit because they have no standards at all and will NEVER stop sending you shit. Ever.
Also mailing lists like incontinence support groups, ED support, etc.
Can also create fake sex offender flyers and get them sent to 200 of your neighbors, probably works best if the conviction listed is violating a young boy.

I'll teach ya a neat trick I learned boosting car stereos.

Take a spark plug apart - take the ceramic insulater off.

Get a shoe string and tie a knot at one end.

Thread the shoe string through the ceramic tube.

Swing that bitch around and around and let it fly through the fuckers back window.

The window will completely shatter and hardly make a sound.

maybe just park somewhere else lik ea normal person? What a weirdo. Go to jail do not pass go. Hope you get caught with whatever dumbfuckery you choose.

If you wear a disguise your all good.

>that looks like user on camera
>no you moron, user doesn't have an eyepatch

Hmm... I wonder if he's actually been man enough to walk up to his neighbor and fucking say something before deciding to be a passive aggressive little fuck.

Grow up

woooooooot? :o

Stand up for yourself and tell that fuck head to not park there or there is going to be a problem. Don't take shit from people OP.

I'd dress as an old jewish man so if they tried to say anything they would look like a nazi.

add one small sticker everyday

You can always put dog shit on the interior that will never be shampooed off correctly but you may need to break a window first. More expensive than the car tires idea.

My reaction as well when I was taught it.

It works and is crazy quiet. Just dont try it on the windshield those are laminated and it wont work.

this, I hardy believe he even did this. if he fucks with it he should go to jail.

~5 people in total tried to explain this politely to him
I do not want to park somewhere where I need to walk 2-5 minutes to get my fucking car, and I sometimes have emergencies I need to attend to IMMEDIATELY and I cannot afford to wait for him to come down and move his shitbox

Get a bottle of liquid ass and every time you walk past give it a nice long squirt. Most cameras are not going to pick up on a small spurt of liquid.

You could also call the non emergency police and have them deal with it.

>not reading the thread

>boosting car stereos

Lmfao what are you 14? Boost the car retard

its a 2 minute walk fatass. Seriously?

Some people are dicks. You cant get around it. You have to just deal with it instead of landing yourself in jail.

2 if I am LUCKY, usually it's 5, last night I had to park like 10 minutes away.
I have a sick mother home and she sometimes needs urgent medical attention and every minute counts for hospital rushes.

This. You can confront him like a raging lunatic who doesn't deserve to be heard or you can get your point across effectively.
>You're blocking everyone's cars in and people are getting frustrated. I just wanted you to know this before some emotionally unstable kid does something stupid to your car. Hey, I'm just looking out for you. Have a good day.

I did confront him like a raging lunatic, he still doesn't give a shit

I was 13 when I learned it retard.

Didn't have the internet so I could google how to hotwire a car and watch jewtube instructional videos on how to be a dumbass and catch a grand theft auto case.

Ok this is real easy.

>dress up as batman
>light car on fire
>no car no problem

I think you missed the point.
>a raging lunatic who doesn't deserve to be heard
>doesn't deserve to be heard
Of course he doesn't give a shit, I wouldn't listen to some raging petulant man-child either.

Good God man. Your comprehension skills are lacking.

You don't crime huh?

Who you gonna sell the car to?
You know anyone who owns a chop shop?
Where you gonna take it?

The stereo is small and can be stashed easy and its a way lesser charge if you get caught.

Grand theft auto is a felony.

You don't have to be overly dramatic. What about the part where you have to put up with this shit in your own turf?

Only betas get caught in g rides

I tried both politely and insanely...

K, enough ideas. Thanks

People know who I am

Usually you use the car to drive around and commit more crimes with a g ride you pleb. Robbing n stealing.

If you know a chop shop which are not hard to find if you know any drug dealers you make ez money

Fucking newfags

Have you tried calling the police?

We'll actually try that too, there are services which can write him up with a hefty ticket or just tow his car away get fucked lololo


the whole point of a disguise is to look like someone you are not...

Pay a nigger friend to put on a Chinese person face mask hospital mask and spray paint the guys car.

Sit in a restuarant with a camera eating food while he does it.

Make sure not to text about it just calls

If I were you I would deal with him in court or fuck with his wallet personal finances and real estate so he would stop being my neighbor. Explore the higher way you don't want a felony on your record. Supervillain shit the only thing i can think about are his license plates.

Or take your complaint to niggers and criminals not us. Nypa

you can't really use nypa here.


Oh you sneaky fucker.

OP replace his plate with a stolen one hell probably get a gun aimed at him when the cops see his plate

I mean if they're not going to do shit and you're committed to a criminal route, I would consider my options. You'll look like a suspect unless you pull off being on the side of the law.

Using the terms beta and newfags trying to talk shit on the internet.

You're probably an white 20 something who grew up in suburbia.

A massive wigger and your knowledge of street shit comes from video games, movies, and shitty rap music.

Moltov cocktail, burn that fucking piece of shit to the ground.

In Mexican there's such a thing as being el autor intellectual. But since Americans are retarded it is lost in translation if you order a hit or home invasion.

Anyway the point is that you're the wrong person and he's a retarded faggot that isn't going to do shit because there's nothing to do. Impunity at its finest, it's what he gets for his attitude.

You should really post a picture so we all get a better idea of the situation

Whatever helps you sleep buddy I know what I'm talking about cause I'm not some beta cuck who steals car stereos

Sounds like you're projecting

knife 3 so that insurance wont cover it

banana in the tailpipe

pour rootbeer into his gas tank. like 6 liters worth

Yeah don't fuck with his car, fuck with his house. And f he pulls out a gun or some shit to claim self defense charge him with attempted murder. Do your research

I'm not saying the lights or his electric bill but you really do want to do your research