She is the perfect woman

She is the perfect woman

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you've been doing this for 12 hours straight blud seek mental health counseling before you hurt someone

she looks like an indian chief had sex with a pile of butterscotch dog shit. also pick a last name and stick with it.


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I don't know who you are talking about but I wouldn't hurt anyone im in love

AOC triggering the republicunts

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>Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
Momma didnt have any children who lived, did she?

>Imagine thinking that Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog would even be remembered, much less a fucking meme in 2019

okay boomer.

>thinking someone’s a boomer when they point out your stupidity
Ok boomer

Her chief of staff is a Russian agent, and AOC just blindly follows his orders.

i don't want you hurting anyone at walmart either

OP has been doing this since he woke up at 7 in the morning EST.

So fucking sexy and intelligent. I cant wait to vote for her as a president who will fix what trump has screwed up.

I want my mothafucking Ocasio bucks!!! Gimme dat money

> my fat ass has been on Sup Forums the entire time. that is how I know.

That's a funny way to spell "revolting".

You must be blind.

Who think was him...?

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I was starting work at 7am with no access to a computer so you're already wrong there

>So fucking sexy and intelligent.

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>So fucking sexy and intelligent.
Appearently being a fucking retard and screaming your emotions is "intelligent".

I'd like to see this dipshit "retro fit every building in America to meet green standards". Talk about trillions upon trillions upon trillions.

AOC is a fucking ideologocial idiot. And so is her butt buddy Greta.

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