Knows the greenhouse effect

>Knows the greenhouse effect
That alone makes her smarter than 70% of Sup Forums

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Must Watch Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

TLDR Version:
She is being exploited and taken advantage of. She has aspergers, selective autism and obsessive compulsive disorders.

Greta's rise to fame was not organic promoted by a host of globalist elites from day 1 and they met with her mother scouted her 3-4 months before promoting her and did not happen across her protest they were told a week before.

Artificial Massive media Attention, the elites person of choice at the moment because it serves an agenda timestamp She pretty is much scripted .. when something off script happens her image evaporates

34 minutes in you she it not the 1st time they used a girl to sell climate change back in 1992 they did the same thing

they have been screaming doom in 10 years since the 1930’s
and have been wrong over and over and over again.

>Imagine struggling this hard on the simple concept of the greenhouse effect

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"The poles must have melted because I'm so wet..."

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TL:DR farmers are causing global warming by removing all the trees to produce shitty agriculture and fucking up the earth, the world isn’t supposed to be patches of the same plant everywhere

Umm vegans are to blame for climate change, we wouldn’t have to grow some much produce if it wasn’t for them and their non meat lifestyles

yeeeeaaa because things get colder when u heat em up u stupid ass

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global warming will destroy global civilization within the next 20 years and sooner than most people expect.

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Being this american

would be a good argument if most of the farmed shit wouldnt go into the meat industry... you gotta rephrase that

True, but that's no accomplishment.
Most of Sup Forums is dumb as trees.

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But wait a minute, It's really hot in Melbourne Australia? Something doesn't add up here.

go look it up on google and amuse yourself,

SCIENTISTS discover SHIT gets colder when you WARM IT UP. Phenomenon has also been observed when trying to heat up your cold food in a microwave!


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Good to be in the other 40%

Surprise! We get winter on december and not summer like you aussies do.

I've never participated in one of these troll threads until now, but claiming that knowing one thing does not automatically make you smarter than XX% of any population you retard.

god we let the left fuck our youth up. Karl Marx was the one who said to use the myth of climate change to convert a society to socialism then communism

after reading that, I have established that I'm drunk and the wording was poor, but I stand by my point


only for smarties!

1. look up the amount of CO2 produced by humankind as a whole, per year
2. look up the amount of CO2 produced naturally by the planet in a year, include oceans
3. compare.
4. discover you've been lied to about global warming!
5. find out the poles have more ice than ever
6. feel stupid.

She knows how to say the words "greenhouse effect." I'd bet money she has no idea what it actually is or how it works.

I saw something recently that she claims ro be able to see the carbon dioxide in the air

1. Stop watching Steven Crowder.
2. Do actual research on the problem.

I just started watching Steven Crowder, it's actually fucked how much stuff he gets 100% wrong. Good assertive speaker and can deliver any message but If you actually look up the stuff he says, he deliberatly misleads people with confirmation biases.

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1. Imagine having a CO2 scrubber in a sealed room that is efficient enough for the 20 adults living in the room.

Now add a small baby who contributes almost nothing to the CO2 compared to the 20 adults. (thats us)

Even though its small contribution comparitively because the CO2 accumulates in a closed system it is a cumulative effect.

This is how CO2 balance supposedly works.

2. Only the surface level is freezing due to recently melted "mainland" ice diluting the salt water concentration nearby. (Thin ice vs thick ice)

I'm not arguing climate change is a big deal because I think it's over hyped and the solutions presented don't solve any problems. B

But you misunderstand the science being presented to you and don't grasp your own talking points.

Who doesn't?


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