Ask an oldfag anything

Ask an oldfag anything.

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How many bananas will fit in a average lake canoe?

23 450

If you had the ability to go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

Inform Hitler he has to finish off Britain before taking on Soviet Union.

What's it like to know you're going to die soon?

What's it like to knew you'll die a virgin?

What’s your biggest personal regret?

If you had it all to do again, would you pic SNES or Genesis?

I'm 50, and I had probably 300 + sexual partners. My biggest regret I didn't approach women more freely, and fuck more. Ultimately, they are very easy to talk to, and not at all complicated like you kids today see them.

I'm just playing man. I'm in my 40s and just fucking with ya. Regrets are a bitch though, aren't they? I've really started to feel them this year. I know I didn't live the best life I could have in my younger years.

Yeah, right. Wonder how many more Sup Forumstards "in their forties will come forth on this thread...

I really am though. I started a thread yesterday asking people if they're oldfags. Pic related to that thread.

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Im 22.. still pretty young. Got any advice?

life advice: bang more bitches

Wasn't here yesterday. I was out buying my arthritis medication and Viagra.

Yeah: don't spend so much time in front of a computer.

Also, bang more bitches

It's OK. The could be this guy:

Or worse!: this guy:

Y'all fools r 69n rofl

Also - op - ideal number of fap count per diem? 3 has been the magic number for me, 2-3 years now

Speak sense, woman

Deez nuts, jackass

Oh. I get it. You're in preschool.

Who's a big boy posting on Sup Forums? Who's a bog boy???!

OOga booga

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Ahh top of the evening my fellow afro Americans. Who wants a ice cold colt 45?

Well? Do ya?

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I don't. Pretty much everything I believed back then, I've changed my mind about it.