S/fur that isn't feral bc feralfags don't belong

s/fur that isn't feral bc feralfags don't belong

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Thank god

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So what would you guys say, defines someone as a furry?
From "enjoyed zootopia" to "regularly has sex in a fursuit" at which point is someone an actual furry?

Yo can I make a request pls?

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It's a spectrum. You don't have to own a suit, or fuck someone in it, to be furry. You just are.

It's like... do you like a certain kind of porn? Big butts? Skinny chicks? Thigh gaps? It's just a preference - it's something you enjoy.

Some people go really far with it, others just enjoy the porn. It's whatever you want it to be.

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Fire away, man. What you want?

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The full version of HETTY comic pls my man

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plenty of places to find that online


This comic?

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But it's sfurs favorite comic
That's the one

Ive posted the first 150 pages of that comic like, at least 100 times

Me too user! High five
It's been a while since I did tho


Ain't gonna post the whole thing, it's hundreds of images long. But that link should take you to it. Even has a Next/Prev link for each one, in sequence. Enjoy!

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Years my friend. The fun may have been lost on those who weren't around.

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Good on you for actually linking it user
The simpler times of hetty and old man penis, ah yes.
I think I still have all that crap on a hard drive somewhere

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Ha, i think i have the hatty one too

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I'm glad it lives on
I never did finish it

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Ha cunt, what are you doing im sfur

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Just dropping by, good to see shits still going

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Barely, threads not around like 50% of the time

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whole board seems even worse than it usually was too

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> dislikes feral
> likes hyenas

no accounting for taste

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Could I get you guys to Answer a Poll
Non-Furry who is Just Curious

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Do you talk with your parents about your taste in porn?

Used to be An addict.
Never have, never will.
It would Crush them.

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Yeahh...Elon...you was all time

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Rita can get it. Her hips in that Egyptian song and dance, man.

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Didn't the guy who made it dox a couple people who stole it?


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Anyone got any opossums

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I gotchu, fam

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