Loli bread

loli bread

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She is beautiful

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Wiiiiickr me fellow anons of culture: idk4chanig

wickr misfitblack

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This topic is for disusting child rapists who hide their perversion and sickness behind drawings. "lol it's not real".
Yes you are PEDOPHILES and a danger for society.

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"Danger to society" has been the excuse of every bigot ever, get a better one.

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its just ink on paper. if a artist wants to draw a girl in midget proportions, let them. its freedom to draw what ever they want

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Okay boomer

Honestly, I enjoy taking popular arguments for gay/transgender rights and replacing subjects. It never fails to amaze me how far the mental gymnastics can go

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Does anyone know where I can get NSFW skyrim mods but like, That aren't meant to work on just the adults if you know what I mean

roasties out

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Who think was him...?

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ur rite all the years of hard loli abuse have made me crave the REAL forbidden fruit.

Get fucked ya dumb boomer

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hard loli abuse? explain coomer.

something like that
and the little duck got scared by its own giant head self emerging from the typing machine

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Since 2001 I've been exclusively into loli content.

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Hello, I'm back. If you want me to draw some loli please give me ideas and I'll gladly fulfill them (try to keep it loli only, disembodied penises are ok)

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based coomer. I've been fapping to mostly loli in addition to other stuff, but I gone so far to seek out the real stuff. How bad are your cravings?

Thread saved.

Loli getting assfucked?

i would love if you drew somethin w this gal
maybe kissing a cock- or just being obliviously sexy?

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draw the pope in loli form. extension to this picture.

it's pretty fucking good.

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i second this man, maybe her doing body paint with real blood colors. friendsim is so funny, some really fucking horny designs and some really bad designs too

I'd love to see some musician loli. Especially pianists, if you're feeling up for it. This is one of only two or three images I have.

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ok boomer

wickr waverage s2r

this is an old thing i found of her a long time back
her design is just so cute
most of the girls in hsfs are railable

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Im rather a pedophile that sits inside drawing lolis than being an normie NPC that molest children outside daily.

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black loli taking white cock

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only 2001? that's weak retard
i've been exclusively loli since 1969

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ew niggers are even worse than pedos

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