other e-girls welcome

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post poki feet

Her feet are shit tier tho

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Not true

U blind then...

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I don't know user I'm already hard so these feet are hot for me

Post your hottest small streamers. Looking for something new.

el goblina

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>cherrypicked photo

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More. More small streams!!

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what does she do asmr?

actually attractive version of poki

>cherrypicked photo
>posts heavily edited/carefully selected pictures to make this 4/10 look better than she does

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so basically well picked photos help hide her ugly ass facial features

Kek, the lot of you

Looks like a dude and has no ass

Yes, like everyone else on this earth

kik - chloemills8301

false and false i've literally lost gALLONS of cum to her

id still fuck them

What kind of dudes you looking at then lmao

The ones like her.
Me too

fucking half jap goddess

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i'd kill someone to get 10 strokes inside her

You know she's 0% asian right?

no half Japanese


you forgot to put anything in the reply bud

More of this clearly superior woman

>Americans lusting over Semites
Whether it's Arabs or Jews Americans seem to love Semitic people

Americans are semenophiles

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pobably jerking off already

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Can't blame him

she not sticc tho