Fellas I’ve been thinking about life recently...

Fellas I’ve been thinking about life recently. A few weeks ago I was suddenly hit with the ultimate realization that we only are here once. Obviously I knew that before but I never really processed it i guess. It just sucks. I want to be happy but I have both homicidal and suicidal thoughts and have it harder than the chads in this world. But anyways once we’re gone we’re really just gone. You cease to exist anymore. I’m just sad. Y’all are the only family I have.

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I'm sorry, do I know you?

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You'll get used to it Devon just keep on keepin on

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good. imagine doing this shit over and over again. once is enuff

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Do you need some advice?

Just wish my one shot at life was happy

Why not

Not a religious fag but I don't think we just cease to exist. I think there's a "next", whatever that may be.

I hope it’s better than this one

I like to believe that we are simply just reborn as an animal, or another human
And get to live another life

It would suck to come back as a cockroach or something though.

Yes, it sucks.

Came to that realisation as a kid and never really got over it until recently.

It sucks.

Maybe try learning about advanced physics.
Reality is pretty fucked, and the laws that govern the universe may not even be permanent.

Either that, or we haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s physically possible.

Heat-Death is still under debate as to whether that’s really the end, and the cosmological-constant that was supposed to seal it’s fate came back shorter than we thought.

The truth is we have no idea how everything really works, and our disgustingly pathetic chimp brains could never wrap our head around the permanence or the possible impermanence of infinity.

We work on causality, but it’s possible that not everything else does, or that it always has/will if it does.

You’ve only ever existed as far as you know, and maybe if there even is a slim physical margin that you could exist again, you will only ever experience existing.

Maybe the truth is actually infinite life, not infinite death.

Who the fuck knows?
It’s bigger than us.

We are insignificant in the eyes of the universe

So is everything else in it.

We’re no more insignificant than all the stars and galaxies that are going to die too.

Maybe the more insignificant and simple we are, the easier it will be for us to show up again at some point.

Infinite time and limited configurations of energy mean everything has to happen eventually... again, as long as that pesky entropy issue gets a kick in the teeth.

My thoughts are that we're all stuck in a cycle upon cycle in a fractal fashion with no true end
Karma is real in the form of purgatory spanning the the start and end of time (so to speak) where all is judged by everything that isn't currently technically existing
That's how I feel on it but I'm way too tired to explain it properly

>once were gone were really gone
Humans have no understanding of what creates life and what sentience actually is. How can anyone say relativity doesnt apply to life?


Look at this image. If evolution continues in the same way it has for billions of years, then God will he created. What characteristics would this being have?

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What? Nobody knows what happens after you die so relax.

Assuming we don’t an hero the whole planet, which is likely.