How come niggers complain that colin kaepernicks workout is a publicity stunt...

how come niggers complain that colin kaepernicks workout is a publicity stunt,but they dont say the same thing about kanye west and him traveling all over the country acting like he's some christfag now?

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I don't care about celebs and neither should you

Because Kanye is clearly mentally ill. /sage

its hard not to care when every other week you hear a group of trumptards whining about kaepernick

mentally ill why? because he's black and supports donald trump? besides,donald trump is the biggest liberal piece of shit to ever get elected by republicans anyway,so who cares

This plus hypocrisy

still waiting for a reason why he's mentally ill.other then a bunch of racists who think black people are required to vote for the democrats

>support trump
>new album next week
>publicly lose your shit about random politics that you never cared about
>new retarded clothes for $700 next week
Why is supporting trump not a publicity stunt but being a christfag is?

who said him supporting trump was a publicity stunt? his christfag bullshit is the publicity stunt

also id hardly say

>random politics that you never cared about

white trump supporters voted for trump because they wanted a white know,the types who think we need to keep america white even though the country was never for whites in the first place,you honkeys came here from europe

because Jesus Walks with Kanye West

America was created by white people for white people

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america was not created by white people,this is what happens when your country is full of fat idiots and your schools still teach you about how christoper columbus was the first person to discover america

>jesus walks with kanye west

lol,kanye west married a sand nigger.he's only doing this for attention,just like colin kaepernick and his nfl workout or whatever

Nobody is whining about kaep

Go read a basic psychology book. No one is saying anything about politics kid. Go back to school.

How the fuck is supporting trump not a publicity stunt. Is it that you're so desperate to have the based black guy to take photos with trump? Kanye has always been about marketing through controversy and saggy fatass with a very fragile ego is his golden ticket.
Whatever type of darkie you are, you're not advertising the intelligence of your race very well. If english isn't your 1st language then nvm.

>nobody is whining about kaep

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im not a "darkie"also,im sure your advertising your superior white intelligence with donald trump,who cant even pronounce basic words correctly.i would be suprised if donald trump has over a grade school education

Old meme is old, no one cares about kaep. Everyone is laughing at him

>no one cares about kaep

then why cant trump supporters shut the fuck up about him then?

the sad part is,95 percent of these morons only watch football one day a year(the superbowl)

there to busy watching honey boo boo or wwf or whatever other tv shows ignorant hillbillys like

This thread isn’t about trump supporters. It’s about niggers. Read ops post.

no shit retard,i am op.sooner or later the trumptards would of ruined it crying about him,i guess shooting law enforcement to death with their redneck militias is an acceptable form of protest.but not kneeling for a song before a football game

Why is this thread not dead yet??

Each shit op. Follow your own thread then


because Jesus Walks

Real niggers don't listen to Kanye or buy music. The only people that listen to Kanye are white niggers that think that's what niggers listen to because Jewish-owned record companies tell them so.

this is my thread,god your just as stupid as donald trump

niggers listened to kanye west before he became an ignorant trump supporter

Colin is fake. Changed his location for no reason. Half white crying about muh suffering.

West is fucked in the head at times. Somethings he says is spot on. But dude has smoked to much shit.

Dont forget kayne said hes running for president


and? your just mad because the last black president was more popular then donny bone spurs