She likes it up the bum, you know

She likes it up the bum, you know

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I believe this is an accurate characterization of her sexual preferences.

you're just triggered by a little girl. You're jealous of a child Sodomite who gets to have her butt fucked by everyone on that boat.

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I wonder if her parents are upset that Epstein's island is closed?

Alan Dershowitz was, I hear : )

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If I get dubs, it is a decree from.above that she must livestream a show in which she swallows a log from Andy Six

what a derpy looking thing

greta is a retard

She certainly liked it up the ass the other night after dinner at Chuck E Cheese

Fuck that bitch up the ass

Did you fuck her too?

dont even think about a titfuck

Greta is a beautiful young lady. I would like to take this opportunity to let it be known that I would love to asked her to be my wife. I want to spend the rest of my life serving her.

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Hell yeah! But then again, who hasn't?

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She needs a tit-job. I would love it if she showed up someone and a guy encouraged her to get a tit-job.


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If you put me in a room with her I would fuck her so hard.

I don't hate her or anything.

I'm just fucking horny for that stupid little cunt

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let's compare

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Just in case any of you didn't know, Greta has a really hairy bush. And it's stinky too.

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I'll bet she doesn't wash down there. Wastes water.

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She has aspergers, so most likely. However, she's like 12, so you guys are corrupted

Isn't she like 16?

you're forgetting about time-zones. In mine she's 18.