Anyone know how to buy seeds online? Ive been thinking about trying weed again. Also how do i stop major paranoia?

Anyone know how to buy seeds online? Ive been thinking about trying weed again. Also how do i stop major paranoia?

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you cant smoke the seeds you know

Im trying to grow it

I've never smoked weed before. As someone who is constantly anxious without alcohol, what would weed do to my brain?

Growing it takes an entire spring, summer and most of fall fyi

I you suffer from any form or degree of paranoia, I must suggest that you not try to grow your own weed.

It's different for most people, some people it relaxes. Some people it sends you into a nervous paranoia. Depends on the strand too but mostly on your mental state

In most civilised countries you can buy the seeds over normal Internet to be delivered via mail

grow heirloom old school so theres less stone and more high

fuckin awful flower times but the trippy smoke is something else . If you like giggling and smiling until it hurts then well worth it

grow it on 12/12 from the very start , allow zero veg time to get the flower times down

I may seem like a normalfag, but does weed cause hallucinations?

>someone who is constantly anxious without alcohol
I highly advise against using cannabis then. It is known for being one of the worst paranoia and anxiety enhancers known. It can be relaxing but it's highly unlikely and I wouldn't bother trying it. Alcohol is way better anyway.

growing good weed is hard man

Sorry man, where you leave, not.
I'm from brazil, here to plant in the garden haha

Kind of

>Alcohol is way better anyway.
Except the part where it fucking kills you

there are many seedbanks online or go to amsterdam
get a strain with mostly indica (less paranoia)


Nope. If you're insanely fucked up maybe you'll get some closed eye visuals, like kaleidoscope when you close your eyes. But for the most part you'll just get really sketchy, like thinking you see things at the corner of your eye, or if you're worried about being caught you'll keep thinking someone's gonna know you're high so you'll play tricks on yourself. Again this is only if you're really really high and have a shit mental state like OCD or bad anxiety

No ..... old school you can get hightened brain activity so could consider it trippy but reality is still there

the only time I smoked and didn't get paranoid or anxious to a certain degree was when I combined it with xanax or valium. if you're reading this, don't do this combo, you will like it way too much.

Weed does wonders for my anxiety. I have generalised anxiety and prior to picking up pot again I was having major panic attacks almost on a daily basis over ‘irrational’ things. Safe to say I haven’t had a major one since, provided you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of your short-term memory and a little productivity. I only smoke after work and make sure to get enough sleep for the feeling of being high to not carry over to the next working day. Everyone is different though; for some people it can really exacerbate things. I guess I’m just lucky that I’m not predisposed to weed-induced paranoia, though I mostly smoke at home so there’s no immediate threat or concern. I do get nervous walking alone when I’m high though. As with everything else, it’s good in moderation, just don’t make a habit of prioritising getting high over your obligations and smoke somewhere you feel comfortable and around good people. Also, if psychosis or other related mental disorders run in your family (such as schizophrenia) I wouldn’t recommend smoking it at all as it can cause predisposed individuals to develop mental illness. Remember to not go gung-ho on your first session and take it slow. All the best, user!

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I found one seed in a pound and a half of shit called Runtz, one fucking seed. Shit was so delicious, so I hope I can replicate the same quality. Shit was tested at 29.5 percent thc. wish me luck anons

+If you have never heard of the strain read into it. If it is grown perfect the shit might be even able to push 31 percent

I've been looking into Mephisto Genetics.
They're here in the states too.

Try it with Xanax you will feel like you’re in heaven smoking a blunt lol

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Used them many times, never had any problems

If you smoke a lot, you can get Closed Eye Visuals, but not nearly as intense as acid or shrooms. Hard to explain. It's more evident with edibles, but they're playing with fire and I don't mess with them unless they're gummies where you can dose incrementally.
You can get some slight Open Eye Visuals in the sense that it may seem like there's a purple honeycomb pattern over your vision. It's not explicitly visual, but just kind of a subtle pattern.
For me, at least.
But to be honest, if you're seeing that shit, you've gotta be pretty blasted.

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