This is my crush, met her at college, what do you think? wwyd?

This is my crush, met her at college, what do you think? wwyd?

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probaby wave and grab a plate of wings and macaroni salad

Her drawn on eyebrows are too much especially with her filled in lashes.

She looks synthetic.

Maybe youre into look though that seeing that she has gauges and a chocker.

To each his own. Who cares what we think.

what would I do? I would probably post her on 3chan like a loser. Give me a second and I'll let her know what you did.

I mean just look at that ass

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flat as a pancake

she has been blacked

dont think so

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flat bro, also poor person phone.


I do.

I would go and grab a plate of wings and macaroni salad.

If you're in college, maybe start acting like a grown ass man and stop calling her a crush. Crushes are for pussy schoolboys.

dont listen to all these niggers; she's cute, post more

thanks bro, of course ;)

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good choice

lol poor person phone.

Looks pretty cute. I like her. I'd probably go out and drink with her. Have a good time. Hope you can snag her.

she sending you these pics? more butt pics regardless

you really think a guy that post girls on Sup Forums as his "crush" is getting sent butt pics?

You're really fucking dumb

do like

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yeah she sometimes sends me that kind of pics asking "how she looks" before going out

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you're delusional

so how did you meet her. and how old are you

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we study at the same college, take most of classes together we talk each other since freshman year, we usually get to party and kiss some times, but never agreed on having a relationship, we're both 22,

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you need a better camera

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yeah well we all dont have that much money to buy expensive phones xD, its what it is

Lol! I want to know the outcome please

If she drinks tecate marry herr! No doubt


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haha yeah she loves it xD, and i'd love to marry her im just waiting for a chance
nope, mexican

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I knew itt, only a mexican from the north would drink tecate. From which state is she from?

haha not from north, she's from mexico city xD

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I'd rather knock the bone out of a ham and fuck it. Less talk and way cheaper.


Mexican, that explains the poor phone.

Shes actually very cute, just dont let her know you are crazy for her, may result in the opposite thing and apart her from u. Just a balance lol.

Those eyes

haha she knows im crazy for her, xD im really obvious
love her eyes

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everyone thinks shes mexican trash

Kek, this
But she's cute OP, go ahead and try to plow that board like there's no tomorrow

>she's from mexico city xD

No way, me too! What university do you guys go to?

lol i like how he said "don't think so" but had to zoom in

flatback wetback confirmed

Shes not a wetback if shes IN mexico you absolute fucktard

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hahaha Unam of course xD

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you're right, she's just a regular filthy mexican

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I would trim her eyebrows

She's pretty fit, good for you user


thanks :)

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you can just tell she's gonna be another short and fat brown mexican when she gives birth to 5 kids

>short and fat brown mexican when she gives birth to 5 kids

The perfect specimen for US citizenship via asylum

whats her last name