Just cleaned her up Sup Forums what do you think?

Just cleaned her up Sup Forums what do you think?

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I wish I could take a hit out of it.
Looks effective.

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damn son, nice glass

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I wish you could too user. She’ll get ya

smoking weed doesn't make you cool faggot. how's middle school?

Looks like the big brother version of mine.

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Pretty good, just workin on some middle school honework. Chill out dude

not bad, but fuck that bowl attachment. titanium or gtfo nigger pleb

-click- noice.

Makes me wish i had some green to smoke :( Been out for like 2 weeks.


Pic related

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Wow very nice glass lil bro

its a dab rig, why u have a garbage ass glass bowl on it?

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Ooof sorry user. I just reupped

It’s definitely not a dab rig. I had one but it broke. Anything is a dab rig to you kiddos

fucking checked

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No worries mate, enjoy though.

Also ye noice double-trips.

the stem is male, its meant for receiving a nail. i literally sell bongs for a living stfu you ghetto nigger

look at the other bong posted, notice its female and has honeycombs meant for weed not dabs. dabs would clog those niggers up in like a week.


She looks fun. Very clean!

i call your bong "the alibaba special"

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You fucking moron. Its a female bowl on a male stem congrats you have eyes, but male stems are not at all exclusive to dab rigs you shit lord. It’s a big ass bowl for a big ass bong. Some bongs use male bowls, some use female bowls if they’re exceptionally large you blithering tard

Put your dick in it
Just fuck already


You should have taken before/after for comparison, OP. Nice piece.

I totally should have. I guess this counts as a “before”

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Nice pipe user. would be cooler if it was a rig.

Excellent job, OP. Throw some ice cubes at the top of that bitch and enjoy a fresh hit.

Maybe, but weed will hit you just fine with this baby. You’d have to be a madman to hit a dab off of this lmao

Thanks I totally will

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I use weed daily, and I think you're taking this shit way too far.

ITT: worthless stoners

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keeping things clean is important in every facet of life man

>worthless stoners

Ok bud

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nice, what model are you driving?

Model 3 SR+

Keep the ozium on hand always

very nice

You’re a faggot and you suck at your job. I’ve seen those stems on plenty of bongs meant for bud. Choose a new career faggot.

based dubs

It'll break within a week
>Curse! CURSE!!!
You're an idiot for wasting money on it

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damn ok, had it way longer than a week tho so curse negated

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Why is everyone who works at glass stores complete fucking idiots?

haha good question

Fuck combustion.

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stop by for a bowl sometime

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what is that?

Solo 2 and VapCap.

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Sticky Brick Runt.

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yo I see niggas on this e-vape shit, what would you recommend?

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Not him but I believe it’s a vaporizer. They’re expensive as fuck unfortunately.

The Dynavap VapCap (the metal part) is cheap ($60~) and hits hard. You heat it with a butane torch. You can buy different types of stems and water pipe adapters.

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DDave waterwand and a cheap bubbler.

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