Wwyd to this innocent Bible girl?

Wwyd to this innocent Bible girl?

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Discuss scripture with her

I would force her to fuck 12 and eat their ass

12 niggers

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throw the bible in the trash and light it on fire, then proceed to do the hula in front of her with no clothes on

Discuss star trek with her.

Thats a pedophile

Read the Koran to her

would murder you while the shitskin watched


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Most this Bible thumper got a phat ass. . . If love to clap those cheeks

Impregnate her (only after marriage tho)


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But she teaches creationism and young earth seminars at her church

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This can't be right

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would murder you while the shitskin watched


I'm sure she'll do worse to herself than we can imagine

Fuck her asshole obviously.

That way she cries so god doesn’t gave to.

just post the fuck/bj video.


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looks like my fucking sister wtf

Oh dear

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Like I heard on a Joe Rogan podcast, "Dick her down for the Lord"

got the imgur link?

Yeahh...Elon...you was all time

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I'd send her back to church

This is the first time I've seen this

It's ok I'd tell her my name is Darwin so she can tell it while I sodomize her

Bump most. ..

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Her (not virgin) Christian butthole

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And this is why you're single, user.

Prove it.

Impregnate and have her blackmail all her friends to join my harem

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Her Facebook

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Who cares?

more like this

the photos clearly say her name is Moriah

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Nothing wrong with praising the Lord and taking a dick at the same time

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this is hot as fuck and i don't know why

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Being a missionary is her childhood dream

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I'd turn 360 and walk away from her

Probably nothing

You do know 360 degrees is a full circle right?

Discuss Ezekiel 23:20 with her.

shove a bible in her pussy

she probably just wants to become a missionary to have an excuse to go to africa and get fucked by those long dick africans

Invite her over to watch star trek and then fondle her with my action figures and when she bends over to change the star trek dvd sodimize her. Tell her all the pretty girls take it in the ass

You must be new here. Moriah is older (and hotter) than Boxxy Cleopatra.

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Have this with sound?

Stefen took my advice

Praising the lord

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Talk about star trek

All rise

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whats the story here? some amerimutt is a huge slut? no surprise

Her pants have qualities similar to a revolving rood

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Yep, a good christian girl, enjoy

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Jesus christ, what a fucking mess.