What happened to you Sup Forums?

What happened to you Sup Forums?

>Gay traps
>BBC cuck shit

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I miss gore

Eat shit racist bitch

You forgot:

- Complaining how Sup Forums used to be good but now it sucks because (reasons).

Sup Forums become extremely fucking popular. It's basically where people come to spread propaganda. I guarantee you quite a few "journalists" are browsing Sup Forums and Sup Forums at any given time. And I guarantee you "human relations", i.e. manipulators, are browsing along with them.

There are MILLIONS of active users per month.

Fags it was better before your kind moved here

That doesn't explain the cancer we need op yellow to work harder

Right? Ogrish was amazing.

nigga traps aint gey

Brian peppers my Mann!!

I blame Russians shitposting

i want the cool shit back

Make a good thread like counterfeit coupons or something anything to stop this canser

Fucking Putin

don't belong here. cucks,trannies and redditors like you ruined it

You've been duckrolled

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Is Russians the new codeword for JIDF?

Dude I haven’t seen a coupon thread in years. A lot of places do digital coupons now so it’s much harder now.

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Holy shit that happened?!

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Must..not..knock over..

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Fuck you fuck you kek

2007 was the year Sup Forums(nel) became accessible en masse and its only gotten worse with things like gamergate and the 2016 election

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Yeahh...Elon...you was all time

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And there’s the fucking Ruskies

You should have stayed on Sup Forums faggot

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Jews happened. BBC/cuck/celeb/tranny/white bois cant compete, etc are all divide and conquer tactics by professional shilling outfits who then go and pose as russians.

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What did Trump do to you?

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