I've been thinking on getting a small tattoo on my wrist...

I've been thinking on getting a small tattoo on my wrist. Post some great suggestion symbols(only symbols) that I may tat.

p.s. no lgbtq gender, lewd symbols

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get a glass of milk pussy

Ace of spades


if trips rolled ITT OP is:
a.) a faggot
b.) must get glass of milk tattoo on wrist

and say it's cum every time someone asks

Queen of spades


Sky King is the only option.

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Do the symbol for Venus, which is the symbol for women, because only women tattoo their wrists like that

Get the fucking milk pussy

op here trips is winner


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get the glass of milk tattoo you fucking faggot

Sup Forums


A glass of milk is actually a great idea.
Milk represents several things, from purity to strength and growth.

It would be pretty cool

it also looks like semen, which coincidentally OP enjoys drinking due to his faggotry


You better get the milk you fucking faggot.

I got this lmao

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spoiler alert, your story still ends with you committing suicide lmfao

a playdoh knife

roll for milk.

Roll for pentagram

ITT: OP is a faggot and gets a glass of milk tattoo

A Christian cross

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Spilled chocolate milk

Get the fucking Milk

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It puts the milk on the wrist

Roll for milk

Get the fucking milk OP




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Okay, seems like the fucking milk is the popular choice, so get 2 glasses of milk fucking.

The word "I" without quotation marks. To remind yourself, not to forget yourself when you're losing your head.

Milk time user

get the words
"glass of milk"
tattooed on your wrist

you must get;
>"I've been convinced by twitter to join the trend of expressing my individuality and creativity by getting a forensically identifiable permanent marker and I asked Sup Forums what I should get, and all I got was this lousy tattoo"

but ask to have it done in flashy colors

Get a penis splooging into a carton of milk. Make sure the carton says "milk" on it. It can be a bag, if you're Canadian, but you might get made fun of.


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Black Flag logo.

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brand of sacrifice from berserk

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underneath it should say "apple"

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that's really good, do that OP, you would be super original

how about a big question mark

there was a time when Christians woukd tattoo a cross or crucifix on the inside of their wrist. it was a time of persecution.

OP is a faggot and must get a large ?
when asked, explain you are questioning your sexuality because you recently discovered you love having sex with other men


yea, get this one, but with spelling mistakes, to be creative and inclusive

OP should do that, but with a Star of David.

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no ragrets

Chain tattoo from the greatest game trilogy, Bioshock.

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