Cheating ex gf Priya is online Kik @ priyat88

Cheating ex gf Priya is online Kik @ priyat88

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More please, and more info

What info do you guys need?

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Who she cheated with and anything of importance lol

Name any incriminating Info you can share.

She cheated on me with someone she met at a party and did it many time. She lives in San Jose

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Go on

is she for rent? i'd pay for that...indian is still on my bucket list

The guy she cheated with is Jason. She works in tech for a big company

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What one?

Any pics with face?

Claims to know no Jason.

Sup Forums is not your personal army

here you go
discord gg /ZvqFcM

Jason is in the army

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Nice pic
She dont answer

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Got some but need more info

What info? And got some what?

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Pics, but they were old ones. He bosses now fathers name anything really lol

Hey boss name is Gerard, dad make is rajesh

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Damn I bet she fucks like a machine.


I don't want to pay face, because last time I did that don't guy send me pics of her house and photos of her he took

clothed face?

any vids?

Cheating wife is online. Kik: janecamp98

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I don't have any videos

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If you post a nude with face or something that says it's her I got her

lets see her sucking you

then share face.

these look fake, r they?

They aren't fake tits. And like I said last time I posted her face, someone stalked her

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she's spectacular. sorry for you that she upchaded.

She very quickly did. Fucking cunt.

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Good nude where you can see her room well?

Man she is a dimepiece

This is probably best view of he room. Is any one talking to her?

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Just seems like a face account at this point lol


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Google image search faggot

I'm near San Jose. Work in Fremont, land of the smelly punjabis. Why the fuck do I not see hot Indian trim like this instead I get smelly dots who are cheap af and always ask to do extra shit with their order (retail fag). Moar, fapping with the force of all of Shiva's hands!