Epstien didn't kill himself but no one is doing anything about the suppression it. What do Sup Forums?

Epstien didn't kill himself but no one is doing anything about the suppression it. What do Sup Forums?

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His two guards were arrested earlier today.

What is a Patsy, Alex.

Op looking suicidal

Remind all police, govt employees and politicians at every possible turn that they work for and collaborate with a system of pedophiles. Spoiler: They know, they just dont care.

Stop voting in a system owned and operated by pedophiles.

Maybe if shit doesn't change. What's the point of living if nothing you do or anyone does matters?

Stop voting an do what? What will change if we DONT vote?

What changes when you do?

I thought pedofiles were supposed to be killed in prison, isn't this justice?

Not when they had information on boatloads of other pedophiles and was killed days before his testimony on the matter...

At least an illusion of change or change on a local level. What's the alternative besides apathy?

IF hes dead. My money is on being in WP. Besides, his murderer wouldn't have been an act of retribution, but an act of silencing. He was about to put some very big names onto public record.

Agorism. A pedophile with a different colored tie every 4-8 years is still a pedophile. No less a slave for """""electing""""" your master.

Why not at least try to do something about it then?

what are you gonna do?

they got drones and killbots

Publicize and if I do die, make it as public as possible. You can't kill an idea.

Even killbots and drones have a human behind them.

not any more

Yea, because they won't ever talk. /s To be fair they might commit toaster-bath before they can testify anything.

Then publicize and die for something that matters.

I'm not this moron.
I just said to practice agorism, the state exists on the back of the taxpayer. Employ people under the table, buy goods from like minded people who arent going to tithes to a bunch of pedophiles, dont give the system legitimacy. Imagine if voter turnout was 1%. The demands of the govt would be unenforceable.

But so long as they are the official government they still retain power. Isn't it time that the people actually controlled domestic and foreign affairs?

that is a funny way to say suspension with pay.

They can be the official godhead of the universe, but the declaration does not make it so. They could continue to claim dominion over me and mine, and I could keep shooting at what are essentially bandits.

But do you shoot them now? Why live under someone's thumb, even if non-existent when you could represent yourself?

Doesn't the government enforce its power through military rule?

If we stopped voting they would just keep on trucking, it's not like our votes matter now anyways.

Nothing short of a total uprising of the public and overthrowing of the government would have any effect.

But americans have too good a life for that, most are happy just to have a place to fuck with a door on it.

So why don't we do something about it?

Like what?

Stealing peoples doors?

Like public uprisings and an overthrow.

Who? What do you know? Are you next?

There's really nothing to be done. Rich people are smart, they realized that we were gonna fuck up the environment in the 70s.

In the 80s the rich people took over the government and started concentrating the wealth they would need for the coming apocalypse.

They used to need the working class but with automation, which they predicted, they no longer need the underclass.

Now they are working on automated factories and food production for the select few that will survive the purge.

It might be biological, it might be killer robots but most humans are gonna die.

And there aint shit we can do about it.

Not with that attitude. As long as we are still alive we CAN do something about it.

I used to believe that but now they can make automated factories that mass produce killbots.

Even if somehow you convinced 99% of the population of the USA to rebel you would just be giving them what they want, a reason to kill you.

But you could never convince people to rise up, half of them worship the government because its progressive, and half worship it because its regressive.

They have split us into two group that hate each other so we don't realize they are fucking us over.

If you think about all the policies that actually get enacted by both parties they typically only benefit the rich.

Then show them that. There's got to be hope and even if not, I'd rather die doing something I believe in that live under something I don't believe in.

well if you wanna be a martyr go for it, but don't be surprised if the public care more about a kardashian cunt

I'm just working on a way to make kill bots target dummies so they waste all their ammo and i can blow them up

>If you think about all the policies that actually get enacted by both parties they typically only benefit the rich.

We have empirical evidence from a major University study for that: the US is Officially an Oligarchy


OK Jimmy Neutron. Whatcha got?

Big facts

We have the evidence, how do we stop it?

because he aint dead bro, he is the keystone

most of the targeting systems are based on heat and movement if you create man shaped bags of hot air you could get the robots to shoot those and then expose their position or waste their ammo so they could be destroyed


And how would you destroy them?

guns, or bombs, or my own robots depending on how much stuff i have

It won't be long till the rest are brought in tbh they would of been gone and free but they had to pull some super shitty hit job honestly it makes me laugh how these rich people can't afford a good plan to silence someone

Wow you're literally a child.

how you gonna kill the robots without bombs or guns?

EMP or comms scramble

Trump is president. He should do something.

you know they're gonna be shielded against EMPs and most drones receive satellite signals which are hard to block from below.

Also were talking about robots that can function while cut off from command.

If they left the comms open you could theoretically get them to shut down if you could gain control somehow, or self destruct.

They are too rich to jail.

This is literal science fiction

not really, EMPs exist and killer robots exist.

im sure he will :)

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he not dead

>Maybe if shit doesn't change.
>What's the point of living if nothing you do or anyone does matters?

So what do you want then? For the world to magically be a better place overnight? That's not how it works. It takes effort, blood, tears and sacrifice, beginning at the grassroots level and going all the way up. It takes people like you and me actually DOING something beside sitting on the sidelines and bitching.

But noooo, that never happens because people are lazy and want someone to do it all for them. They don't want to contribute, they just want to receive. Wanna see the world become a better place? Get off your fucking ass and DO something.

The world is full of brilliant, intelligent people, who have a lot to offer. But those people nearly always fail to act and that's the problem. Get off your ass.

the world trade center didn't kill itself either js

What's the act to even do? Where does one even start?

When the game is rigged from the start the only winning move is not to play.

>most of the targeting systems are based on movement and heat
You are so absolutely wrong, do not use this as basis for countermeasures.

You are both literally children

how does it identify a target if not through movement or heat?

This is totally right, you retarded faggot. The only other technology missing is radar. Share your expertertise on a Magic The Gathering forum. This is obviously over your excuse for a head.

Not his personal army. He was a shitbag anyways, so who gives a fuck? Would've been murdered in prison had he been convicted.

It's like the jet sons and just magically fucking know... That dudes a fucking retard. Dont stand too close or you might catch it too

THIS. Obviously these are just the fall men. Epstein probably isn’t even dead. He was probably never even in the prison.

Feel free to go investigate it my dude.
Before you do, write a very convincing suicide note first. Remember, 2 shots in the back of the head is the easiest suicide.

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Epstein isn’t even dead. He’s either in protective custody or is off somewhere near Israel doing whatever he pleases

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Radar, uv composite, sound mapping, and laser interferometry all would like to have a word with you.

They know but they can't do anything about it without ruining their own life.

Nah. He faked it and is now living in brazil under the name dr von Struddel.

A man who supplies people like prince andrew with child-prostitutes doesnt spend time in jail.

Oh whinge whinge, dont you see I HAVE to uphold this plutocratic oligarchy of pedophiles that directly benefits me because itll ruin my life if I dont. The life I've built on the backs of child sex slaves and extortion. Pigs go to the lampposts too.

Epstein didn't kill himself is a cover up.
it's to imply he's dead and the raping of kids will stop just to appease the general public that never properly paid attention in the first place.

none of those, aside from the sound, actually helps track a human target

And, of course, protect the Clintons.

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Trump is a bigmouth, liar and an idiot.
Making more of these threads isn´t going to change anything about that.

You do know that we vote for moar than just who is in office, right?

he really gets your goat huh?