You guys can be smart sometimes, help me out

You guys can be smart sometimes, help me out.
I work at a mcdonalds and one of the store owners took a photo of me on my phone. Not supposed to be on phones, whatever, but she took a picture of it on her personal cellphone and shared it to a private group chat of managers without my knowledge or permission. Can she take a picture of me on her personal cell phone legally and share it privately without even telling me she took a photo of me?

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Depends on where you live.


Your workplace is considered public. Anyone can take photos in public except where privacy is expected, like the bathroom. Nothing wrong here legally, although I would contact mcd corporate or HR and tell them story. It is most likely as fireable offense as far as policy goes.

to my knowledge Pennsylvanian requires two party consent when it comes to photography

yes she can
fuck her and fuck that job
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you are wrong

think about it, you would never be able to take a pic in public since someone could be in the shot

Just argue that she was on her phone too, undeniable. Fire both or none. Has a 0.5% chance of working.

Stop smoking weed and get a better job

This mcdonalds is a franchise one and is considered private property in regards to photography and filming. I was in the back window on my phone and she took a picture from the parkinglot outside.

I'm alergic to weed and there are no better job options for me until I have a license

why do you even care?
either you get fired or you don't

you think burger king gives two shits if you got fired from mcdonalds?

I dont give a shit if I get fired, im trying to see if I can get the cunt that took the picture in trouble

no, you can't, and if you push it you WILL get fired

She's probably fucking the regional manager anyways

Shes co owner of this mcdonalds and a few others

It's completely legal, especially from the parking lot. Even from inside the restaurant she sets the policy about whether pics are permitted or not. The pic will be used to show that whoever was managing isn't doing their job; even though it's about you, it isn't really about you. If they were going to do anything to you they already would have, and you can't get her in trouble. Not worth worrying about.

t. photographer that used to manage at McDonald's


Being smart is not fighting. I do a little bit of chess, and getting fired over "getting her in trouble" is a losing move.

If you don't have the money or the material I would advise against going to war with this person and controlling yourself.

yea i wouldn't fuck with her if you wanna keep your shit job

Huge fish, untouchable even.

Sue her ass over anything and make the case worth it before you bait her.

Bait into a lawsuit

heres what you do

>get her drunk
>let it slip that you like pegging
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By definition. The picture should not bother you, sounds personal. Stupid bitch shit

My homie got fired for taking a picture of someone shop lifting while she was working at Walgreens. was all time

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