Military chicks

Military chicks

thank you for your service femanon

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Fuck yea

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military chicks are fuckin hot

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bump, moar please


the us military is the biggest joke in history,especially us military who support donald trump.he dodged the draft

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tits or GTFO

He's living rent free in your head

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anyone have the army chick that gets posted in webslut breads often? short black hair...

Navy still owns her ass.

Keep going

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boom! moar???

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Jesus these are old as shit. Still good. But they been around for 10+ years.

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that's ok. just starting my collection

>new fetish

The women in the service can service my dick and balls

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I was overseas with this girl, she was kinda of a bitch

holy shit. please, please more

shes an Afghan ten

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Baby arm

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Women shouldn't be in military service they should lie in bed plopping out kids... that said, they're very much welcome to come here to Sweden with tanks and shit and blow this shitty place into smithereens. Get rid of all the commies who live here.


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Any one got kailee?

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Why is she licking a turd?

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IDF girls are hot!

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IDF girls!

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i was wondering the same

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They all scare me. Something crazy about them. I prefer MMA chicks. They just let their emotional instability out on a punching bag.

>idf girls
You mean literally any Israeli jew women within service age?

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stupid low IQ shitskins who die for kikes because kikes on TV tell them to do so

Wow she's perfect user

You butthurt bro?

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It's another Andy Stixx thread.

If only she wasn't married, I'd fuck her in a heartbeat

That's not the real reason.
People in the armed forces don't care about being married.

She’s amazing. Total bombshell

recent bahrain hoes?

Huge military sluts section in this disc


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anyone have some Pendleton chicks

This must be the same saltfag that wants sweden to blow up because he can't get some top from some swedish babes. What a fucking incel waste of sperm. lmfaooo

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Fuck yea

Don’t forget the cum dump side chicks

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Military chicks are always fukken hideous.

a military 10 is a civilian 2

The pics in this thread show otherwise