Newfag here, how is Sup Forums supposed to be the scary bad place on the internetz...

newfag here, how is Sup Forums supposed to be the scary bad place on the internetz? I havent seen not 1 thing that made me even slightly disturbed.

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Maybe don't believe everything you hear on the media?

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that's because we already normalized all that shit before you grew up into it

It's actually pretty tame most of the time.

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It used to be better.
Now it's full of pedos and porn threads with the rare discussion about a topic.

Newfag detected

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>Now it's full of pedos....
no it isnt. you apparently don't remember the days when actual pedos dumped and shared their garbage here on the regular. there's a reason the pedo bear meme was so big.

It didn't use to last long. Most of the time, at least.
Now we have full blown "Pedo is not bad" discussions for hours that are usually circle jerks about why "muh little girl enjoys it".
It gets boring really fast, I wouldn't mind it if they actually put any type of thought to their posts.

It was never good. Get off your high horse.

Keyword being better faggot.
Waste of trips.


>Waste of trips.
t. Newfag

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would you doot the Moot while Snacks plays the skin flute?

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Fuck off, nerd.

Thanks broseph!

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back in the year 2002 the internet was a very different place. it was far more innocent than it is today and so were the people on it.
then Sup Forums
I'm sure Sup Forums was tame in the beginning but it eventually became a place where all the types of denizens could gather and in that era Sup Forums flourished but the internet all a whole changed and so Sup Forums changed.

tl:dr when Sup Forums for that rep it was when the rest of the net was still mostly rated PG13

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Shut up faggot.

Rekt threads are the only “Disturbing” things that pop up.

There's racist shit if you look, but if you’re not a fucking baby you can discount it pretty easily.

And I don’t just mean people saying nigger or using slurs.

Moot's poopchute makes me cum and toot.

You misunderstood.
It’s scary-bad.

I would bet my dog the "pedo is not bad" is a false flag right now.
Thera no fucking way real pedos would be sticking their neck out eight now. they only do that when shit like epstein isn't in recent memory.

Wait, maybe, just maybe, Sup Forums isn't full of master hacker-terrorists but instead a bunch of retards